Friday, 23 September 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


So let's see what's happening with the Sylvanians today! Here are some of the Sylvanian kids having lunch. They're waiting for their class to start. Today it looks like the girls decided to have lunch together. Lucy Polar Bear is telling all the girls a story about some snowmen who build a castle made of ice. She is at a very exciting bit right now. Lucy Polar Bear is a kind bear who loves telling stories and eating salmon (though today she is having strawberry custard).

The two girls, Sonia Grey Rabbit and Margo Cat are talking about Lucy Polar Bear's ice-fishing story from yesterday. Polar bears come from the arctic as you might know. Sonia Grey Rabbit is a bunny who loves playing on the piano and eating carrots and raisins. Margo Cat is a talkative little cat who loves going to school and trying to solve riddles. Margo Cat loves to eat chicken drumsticks and cabbage.

Lulu Deer, Nora Raccoon and Merry Rabbit are eating their food while listening to Lucy Polar Bear's snowman story. Lulu Deer is a happy little fawn who loves skipping and watching the cheerleaders practice. Nora Raccoon is a serious little girl who loves reading and painting. You can see how seriously she is listening. Sometimes she likes to just be by herself, but she is always ready to be a good friend! Merry Rabbit is a another happy little bunny who loves hopping around and having science lessons. She is a great expert on insects, especially grasshoppers. Merry Rabbit loves eating vegetables and strawberries! All of them can't wait for lessons to start!

Now let's have a look at the next picture!


Here Owl is taking care of some of the kids in class. They are learning about their sense of smell! Owl is a smart little owlet who loves playing with other Sylvanians. He loves to eat tomatoes and carrots. Today, he is being the teacher's assistant. He just loves helping others and making new friends!
On to the last picture!


Here's what the kids look like. As you can see, they are a little afraid of Owl and pay attention to him very carefully. ChiChi Chihuahua (the white dog on the left)is using her super sense of smell to smell Owl's handmade cookies. Maxie the cat is smelling Owl's flowers and trying to identify what plant it is. Edward Badger is waiting for his turn to test his sense of smell. At the end of the row is Elina the Siamese Cat who is also waiting her turn. She looked straight at the camera when I took the photo!

See you again real soon!

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