Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Golden Rule

Yesterday my Mom told me about what is called "The Golden Rule". The Golden Rule states that "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself". Does that sound familiar? If you are a Christian, it probably would! Jesus said it like this: "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets".

This is also a lot like what Jesus called the Greatest Commandment. A teacher of the Law came to Jesus and asked Him which of the commandments was the most important. Jesus replied, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbour as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments".

My Mom explained that when we are being good and kind to others, even those who are not our friends, we are loving them and obeying these important commandments. Also, isn't that how we want others to treat us? I would not want to do anything to someone else that I would hate being done to me. This means we should always think carefully about the way we talk to others, and how we treat them. Are we being kind and helpful, or unkind and mean? Are we being nice to other kids in school, or are we hurtful and rude? The Golden Rule reminds us that just as we do not like others to be mean and hurtful to us, we should not be mean and hurtful to them.

In friendships, I am finding that there are all sorts. Have you heard the phrase "It takes all sorts to make a world"? My Mom says it a lot, especially when we have to deal with rude people in the shops or on the train. I think it's like that in friendships too. Some friends understand the Golden Rule, and are kind, loyal and dependable, while others are not -- it takes all sorts. My Mom once told me that there are many grown-ups who are terrible friends because they don't know what it actually means to be a friend. Usually, they are only thinking of themselves.

I have a book that describes some of the things that make a good friend. Like, a good friend is a friend you can trust. A good friend is supportive. A good friend is kind and compassionate. A good friend treats you with love and respect. A good friend sticks with you in good times and bad. But I think all of us know this, because even if we don't know the Golden Rule, we do know how it feels -- we all would like friends like that.

But we need to be friends like that too. I like this quote by Charles Kingsley: "It is only the great-hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly can never know what true friendship means". My Mom says that people who are bad friends aren't real friends, and usually don't have real friends either. And this will carry on even when they are grown-up, which would suck. So it is really important that we get it right from early on. The world would be a better place if we all made sure we are good friends, because all the things that make a good friend are also the things that make a good person.

So my Mom checks on how I behave in different situations. She says it is important not only to her, but to God too. Am I kind, respectful, loving and helpful? She always reminds me that God is watching even if no one else is and He has given me a conscience to tell me when I am behaving well or badly. Our conscience tells us whether we are following the Golden Rule. How we treat others shows whether we are really nice and also how we were brought up. My Mom actually wrote a post about "Kindness and Good Manners" and said she expected me to always remember to show both. Not all moms tell their kids that I think. And some kids don't get to see their parents much, which is pretty sad.

In the picture above, you can see me with my sister. She is a great friend and I know I am really lucky to have her. My Mom shared with me this poem, and I thought I'd share the last bit of it with you. It is called "Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti. If you have a sister, then you'd know you are really blessed!

"For there is no friend like a sister
In calm or stormy weather;
To cheer one on the tedious way,
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down,
To strengthen whilst one stands".

Are you a good friend? Do you follow the Golden Rule? I hope so!
See you again soon!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sylvanian Famlies Shop!

Hello everybody! How have you been? I have been busy with my exams, but they're finally over now -- yay! Do you see what I got in the mail? Yes! The Sylvanian Families 2013 catalogue, all the way from London. As you may know, I am a Sylvanian Families Collectors Club member, so they send me these things every now and then. Let me share with you a bit of what's inside!

Wow, the Sylvanian Shop will be visiting Whitchurch in July! It looks like it will be so much fun. On the other page they tell you to make sure you buy your Pay & Display ticket on the same side of the road that you parked your car. I guess they don't have the stupid parking sensor things like here. Have you noticed how a lot of times the things don't "sense" your car? Usually when there's a whole bunch of cars waiting behind you. Then they get a man to stand next to the sensor to make it work, which seems even more dumb.

The catalogue is really quite thick, about 63 pages, with lots of pictures and info inside on everything you could possibly want from the Sylvanian Families. I recognise a lot of the things, but I think some of them are just not available in Singapore -- like this adorable sailor Rabbit family. Aren't they cute?? Lucky British kids!

I'd love to have this house!

 And this candy floss cart!

And this fish & chips van! I love fish & chips. The bear looks so cute in her uniform. It says her name is "Francesca the Fish Fryer".

The magazine also has little projects for you to try, like clay cakes and these fancy hats! I might ask my Mom to help me make these!

Also, there is some important information on how to clean your Sylvanians. Have you ever taken their clothes off? They look so cute naked haha. The magazine says you should not use any water on your Sylvanians, and to brush them very gently or their fur will come off.

OK, I'm going to go practise on my piano now! See you again real soon!