Friday, 25 November 2011

Books, Books And More Books!


Hello again! Today I am going to share with you my love for reading! One of my favourite books is the Geronimo Stilton and Creepella Von Cacklefur series. I have talked about one of the books in this series in my earlier post.

I love reading because you can learn many interesting things. In the series of books Natural Disasters, for example, you can learn about disasters around the world, such as tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes etc. Or in The Usborne Detective's Handbook you learn how to be a good detective. Now I know how to question suspects, detect forged paintings and be more observant!

Sometimes I like to read fiction because even though they are not real, it is still fun to read about the adventures the characters in the book have. Rainbow Magic and the Just Grace series are good examples (I have also talked about these books in my older posts here and here).

Books can sometimes be an entertainment when you are waiting or bored. For example, you are going to get your ears pierced and one of the people working at the clinic tells you, "It is very crowded today, please sit down until the doctor calls you", and you just happen to be carrying your library book to return after you pierce your ears. So you can take out the book and reread it and by the time you are done, the doctor calls you in. You see how books can be a big help?

You can be a big help, too. If you have books you don't need or like anymore you can donate them to children from less fortunate families or countries who don't have enough money to buy their own books. But don't read too much or else you will have to wear glasses. And it is not good to wear glasses -- only sunglasses. OK?!? OK, I'm sure you know that, but still.

Competition Time!!!
Here is a picture of the big bookshelf that my Mom and I share. It is actually made up of several bookshelves and takes up a whole wall because it is quite huge. It is filled with the books that we read. The pictures in this post are just two small parts of it.


1. If you want to know more about books, you can comment on my blog and ask me. If you're lucky, your question and your name might come up in the next post with your answer!
2. If you know a fun fact about books or a fun fact that you learnt from reading a book, you can comment on my blog and tell me, and your fun fact and name might appear in my next post!

Don't forget to read lots like me (but not too much!) and get smarter!
Bye for now!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Go, Alice, Go!


Hi! Today I'm going to share with you a fictional story written by me! The story is called Go, Alice, Go!

Go, Alice, Go!

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Alice. Every day she went to school and studied hard. But she loved sports and gym best of all, even though she wasn't always the best. Then, before she knew it, it was Sports Day!
In Alice's class there was a mean girl named Bethany. Bethany was a big girl who often did well in sports. She was boastful, and liked to say unkind, hurtful things that made the other girls feel bad. No one really liked her, but they were afraid of her because she was big, so they let her bully them and say the mean things she did.

On Sports Day, Alice's class was ready for the race. Bethany was boasting as usual; she was very confident and she wanted to win the 1st prize -- a gold medal.

Alice was a kind girl; she didn't like the mean girl Bethany, but she didn't say anything mean about Bethany. Alice wanted to win the medal too. But Alice wondered, "How will I ever win the medal with Bethany here?" Bethany looked so big and strong.

At that moment, Bethany came by and hissed nastily in Alice's ear, "You'll never win. I'll get that medal and nobody touches it!"

"Oh no!" thought Alice. She started to feel afraid and lose all her confidence. But then she shook herself, and told herself that she must be brave and just do her best. She was not going to let a bully frighten her! She remembered what her mother had told her from the Bible -- to forget what lies behind and press on toward the goal.

The race started. Bethany ran ahead of Alice, but with a burst of energy, Alice caught up and called to her, "I know you want the medal, but I want it too and I'll win it!".

"No you won't!" Bethany yelled back angrily.

But Alice gathered up all her courage and said, "You don't need to be mean to get things, you know. You just need to try hard and do your best and don't be sad if you don't get what you want, but just try harder next time!"

"Go, Alice, go!" cheered Alice's friends. They were amazed that the little girl was running so fast.

And with that, Alice ran ahead of Bethany and won the gold medal!

Bethany came in second, but she was busy thinking about what Alice had said.

"Alice was right," Bethany said to herself, "I don't need to be mean. No wonder everyone doesn't like to be around me!". Bethany had learnt her leason!

Bethany turned to Alice with a nervous smile. "I'm sorry," she said. "Do you think, maybe... Well, could we be friends? Or maybe best friends?"

Alice chuckled and gave Bethany a hug. Alice replied, "Best friends it is. Forever!"

"Forever, and ever!" said Bethany happily. "I won't be mean again!"

The two girls laughed and walked away together, admiring each other's beautiful medals. And in the end, all of Alice's classmates loved being with Bethany, especially Alice!
The End

Competition Time!
To get a special mention in my blog, just leave a comment with the correct answer to any of the questions here!
 1. In the beginning, was Bethany a nice girl?
 2. Who won the medal? 
 3. Does Alice study hard and try her best?
 4. Did Alice like Bethany in the end?
 5. Did all of Alice's classmates like Bethany in the end?
 6. Was Bethany a mean girl anymore?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wonderful God

ballet exam today

Hi again! Today I am going to share with you a story of how God has helped me a lot in my life, and a small prayer that I like to pray which you can pray too.

The Story
One day, I was about to have my first ballet exam. The exam is held by the Royal Academy of Dance, or RAD.

Before the exam started, my classmates and I were practicing the steps we would have to do during the exam.

When the teacher called me and a few of my friends in to do the exam, I started to feel all funny -- strange, scared and excited all at the same time!

There were people from the RAD Examinations Board sitting at a table. They looked nice, but also very serious! As they gave me instructions, I suddenly started to feel less scared and worried. I felt that God was trying to tell me something. I could hear a voice in my head saying, "Don't worry. Just concentrate, and do the exercises properly. Then get a gold for the exam and never be scared or worried about any exam, or anything else, again".

So I just danced and did all the steps I'd been practising. Two months later I got the results. They put a "D" next to my name on the results list. For a moment my Mom and I thought it meant I'd done badly. But it turned out that "D" stood for "distinction" -- and I got my gold! God really helped me that day.

The End.

My Prayer
Dear God, I pray you will help me to always be strong and be a good Christian. 
I pray You will forgive me for all the things I have done wrong and teach me to not make those mistakes again. I thank You that You are always merciful and faithful to forgive me.
Thank You for blessing us so much and that I live such a wonderful life.
Thank You for giving me such a happy, loving and super-fun family.
Please teach me how to do the right things.
In Jesus' name I pray, amen.    

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


Let's visit the Sylvanian nursery today! If you recall, it is upstairs of the classrooms. The three babies -- Molly Mouse's brother, Baby Mouse; Baby Badger, Edward Badger's brother; and Harland Sheepdog's brother, Baby Sheepdog -- are playing a game Baby Mouse made up. It's called Puppet/Doll Catching. Basically, the catcher will try to catch the other players' puppet or doll.

On the left is Mrs Siamese Cat and Baby Siamese Cat Ella. Matron is helping Mrs Siamese Cat to take care of Baby Ella. They like to chat about books and crafts, and whatever they might be watching on TV.

On the right is Lolly Cat practicing her very first piano concerto that she titled The Sylvanian World. Lolly has been trying to get the notes right for about two weeks and she is almost ready to perform it for all the other Sylvanians. Lolly still has four more notes to get right before she finishes her song The Sylvanian World!

Everyone in the Sylvanian nursery and the rest of the Sylvanian village is having an awesome time. See you super-soon!