Friday, 28 October 2011

My Holiday Adventure

Hello! How are you? I was away on a little holiday! It was so much fun! I got to do a lot of things that I enjoyed very much. For instance, I did a lot of crafts! Here I am working on my magazine! This magazine set was a holiday gift from my Mom. It is a Hello Kitty magazine maker with tons of pages, a ribbon to hold the magazine together, glitter pens, a black felt-tip pen, a few stamps and an ink pad, and, of course, the magazine cover! Here I am using a tissue to clean off the stamp I just used.


Then I went ice-skating in one of my favourite malls. It was really fun! This is me before I tried skating properly. It was really slippery and I kept falling down. But in the end I managed to get the hang of it and it became easier. After awhile I could skate around and across the entire rink without falling.


I had an awesome breakfast every morning. Here I am finishing my big mug of hot chocolate! It tasted delicious. I love chocolate so of course, if you ask me, this is one of my favourite drinks! Besides hot chocolate, here's a list of what was on my plate before I gobbled them up:
 1) Papaya
2) Scrambled Eggs
3) Sausages
4) Bread and Butter
5) Ham
6) Mushrooms
Doesn't that sound tasty?

hot choc

I also went swimming every day! This is me in my goggles and swimsuit. When I wasn't swimming in the big pool, I would be in the baby pool playing with my little sister. One game she made up was called There's A Shark In The Pool

To play the game, somebody has to be the shark. When the shark is asleep, the other player(s) will be the mermaids and they will swim around the pool. But when the shark wakes up, all the mermaids must quickly swim out of the pool. Whoever the shark catches will be the next shark. It was really fun playings Sharks!


I also did a lot of shopping! This is me in another of my favourite malls. Here I am posing in a big space where people and kids can run around or relax on the benches. I like to run here and play Catch with my little sister.

I hope you've been having a super week too! See you soon!


Friday, 14 October 2011



Hello! Let me introduce you to Sophie! She is one of my cats! She is a Maine Coon cat, and as you can see, she is quite big; she is about 91cm long. Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds and they have long coats. My Mom has to comb her or the fur will knot. Sophie is very strong and heavy. She likes talking with us, and when she meows, it sounds like a chirp!

Sophie is sitting on a cardboard house that my Mom made for the cats from two big diaper cartons. They are connected and have a doorway inside. Sophie is a very shy, gentle cat. She is a cat who is pretty hard to get to calm down and sit on your lap, but she is very affectionate and if she knows you well, she will sit next to you and ask to be stroked and cuddled. Sophie is about 4 years old, which my Mom says is about 32 years in human years.

I love playing with Sophie, even if she runs away sometimes.
Goodbye for now!

My Science Project

My class had to do a science project to find out if kidney beans need light to germinate. We were told to put our beans in two containers with wet cotton wool. We had to put one container in sunlight, and the other one in a dark place with no light at all. These are pictures of my plants on the last two days of the experiment.


This picture shows what the plant in the sunlight looked like on the second last day. At first, I was very excited to do the experiment because I love science. Soon I found out that almost the entire project, besides planting the beans, was just waiting.


Here is my sunlight plant on the last day of the experiment. As you can see, in just one day it put out a whole new shoot! As you can see, there are leaves starting to grow already. I was very happy and I was squealing with excitement running around the house showing the plant to all my family members.


This is the plant without light on the last day. I had kept it in a little cupboard. It had grown, but the shoots were all white! It also didn't have any leaves. I am still surprised that it grew even when it didn't have light. But my Mom told me that it probably wouldn't last too long.

I asked my Mom why the plant in the sunlight was nice and green. She said it was because of something called photosynthesis. This is when green plants get energy from sunlight and make it into sugar. They need it to grow. The green colour comes from chlorophyll, which is what absorbs the sunlight. My Mom said that if the plant doesn't get sunlight, then it cannot make chlorophyll and will finally die. She said plants also need other things like minerals and carbon dioxide to grow, and without sunlight, a plant can't get those things. I guess the poor plant in the cupboard didn't get to do all this.

Isn't nature and science amazing? I had a lot of fun doing the project.
See you at the next post!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Just Grace


Hi again! This series of books is called Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper. It is about an 8-year-old girl named Grace. She is called "Just Grace" because there are three other Graces in her class! The three Graces are: Grace F., Gracie (Gracie calls herself that because she doesn't like Grace) and Grace W. If each Grace didn't have a nickname, then they wouldn't know which Grace the teacher, Miss Lois, is calling!

My Mom told me that in Roman and Greek myth, there really are Graces. They were supposed to be goddeses of beauty and nature and other nice things. People usually say that there were three Graces, but sometimes there were more. 

This book here is Just Grace And The Snack Attack. In this book Grace learns about different foods and cultures, and also makes and tastes food! This book also shows you how to make your own zine (a type of book/magazine which you make out of one piece of paper)! If you want to find out fun facts on food and how to make your own zine read this book now!
See ya real soon!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


Let's see what's happening with the Sylvanians today! Here we are in the courtyard of Willow Hall, the first house. Here you can see the three of the kids, Molly Mouse, Rudolph Reindeer and Lulu Deer, having breakfast. There are eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, fruit and hot chocolate. The kids always have very good breakfasts. It is an important meal of the day! In the background is Mr Charcoal getting his breakfast. Mrs Charcoal is standing next to him, taking care of the candy cart. Mrs Chihuahua is helping with the pastries and sandwiches.


Over in the school, Columbus Sheep is giving his presentation in Mrs Raccoon's class. He is talking about woodpeckers. Did you know that woodpeckers can peck up to 20 times per second? It really is wonderful how God created animals like that. Beatrice Reindeer is very intrested in his presentation because she loves birds. She thinks it must be lovely to be able to fly and peck things.

Izzy Monkey is wondering how a woodpecker can peck so many times in a second, and why they never seem to get tired of pecking. Rachel Rabbit is hoping to see a woodpecker flying somewhere in Sylvania so she can take a picture of it and show it to the class. Nora Raccoon is about to put up her hand to ask a question about the woodpeckers but she forgot what she was going to say.

The Sylvanians are having a superb day today.
Bye 'till the next post!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Ballet Class!

Yesterday my ballet class had an open house, which meant that everyone's parents could come in and watch us! I was a bit nervous at first because all the parents were watching me and my friends, but after awhile it just felt like my usual class. Here are some pictures of what happens in my class!


Here I am at the barre! The barre is the wooden rail on the ballet studio wall. We do many exercises at the barre and our teacher checks our posture and our turnout. Turnout is how our legs turn out from our hips, so that our knees and feet turn outward. It must be done at the hips, not the feet. Good turnout is very important for good ballet technique. Our barre exercises always start with plies. This is where we bend our knees while keeping our backs straight. It is a bit difficult for me to keep my body straight while bending. Next picture!


We do many exercises on the floor too. They help us stretch and practice pointing our toes well. In this picture we have to lie on our tummies and lift each of our legs straight up. Later we will lie on our backs and lift our legs. Next picture!


This is me practising my splits! Doing splits makes us more flexible and helps us stretch as much as possible. Next picture!


More stretching!


Here we are practising pointing our feet. Ballet dancers must point their feet well so that they look long and graceful. We must practise to have a high arch in our feet so that our point looks pretty. We do a lot of exercises so that our feet and legs become stronger and stronger. Ballet dancers need strong legs so they don't get injured. I am still practicing how to turn out my foot well when I point. Next picture!


Here I am listening to my teacher and doing the last exercise before class ends. My teacher is really nice. I pay attention to her especially since my next ballet exam is coming up soon! My Mom said I did a very good job and I can't wait till the next class! See you at the next post!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Sylvanian Monkey Family


Today I'm going to talk about my Sylvanian Monkey famliy! Standing at the back are Mr and Mrs Monkey. They are a very happy couple who love chit-chatting and doing things with other Sylvanians! Mr Monkey is thinking about how well dressed he is and that he picked just the right suit to wear for the photograph. He is a very neat monkey and is the best men's tailor in the village.

Mrs Monkey is quite excited to have her picture taken, but she is thinking more about the banana pies she is going to make for dinner tonight. All the Sylvanians love Mrs Monkey's fruit pies. On the left is Martha Monkey, Izzy Monkey's sister, and Melody Monkey's twin. Martha Monkey is wishing she could put her baby brother down because her arm is getting tired. Martha Monkey is a delightful little monkey who is about 5 years old. She loves all sorts of games, toys and sports. She does not like wearing skirts.

Marble Monkey the baby is about 3 months old and he loves milk, painting and biscuits.

Melody Monkey is trying to get everybody to stop moving and smile for the camera. She is a very girly monkey who loves dresses, fairy tales, and making paper flowers. She is a happy little monkey who just loves seeing other Sylvanians smile and having a happy time.

All the way on the right is Izzy Monkey. Izzy Monkey is a kind little monkey who is 4 years old. Izzy Monkey loves art, strawberry jam and playing catch! He does not like sitting still.

The Monkey Family is a very happy family!
See you at the next post!