Sunday, 26 February 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My Sylvanian Chronicles

The whole Sylvanian village is in a tizzy! Mrs Owl was flying over to her usual spot at the barbeque pit when she caught sight of something that made her feathers stand on end. Luckily, she had her camera with her in her handbag, because ladies always carry everything they need in their handbags. This was what she took:


Of course Mr Owl, Mrs Honeyfox and Mrs Polar Bear jumped up when they saw Mrs Owl pointing like mad with her wings. But whatever it was had vanished! Mrs Honeyfox shuddered to think of how close the babies had been to danger, but then she remembered that you can be quite safe when you have an owl and a polar bear with you. Everyone was sure this was the person from the Outside World who had been stealing the Sylvanians' pies!


The grown-ups got together to discuss what they should do next:

Mrs Squirrel, Mrs Fox, Mrs Chihuahua and Mrs Raccoon: Oh my, oh dear me, to think of such a thing, I need more tea! etc etc
Mr Siamese Cat: We must think of a plan to trap this thief! Mrs Labrador's milk bone pies were stolen last night and they weren't even baked yet! We can see from Mrs Owl's picture that whoever it is is quite big, and certainly not a Sylvanian. Was he trying to steal our TV do you think?
Mr Charcoal Cat: Goodness, I hope not! Listen, I think it's best that we whisper whisper whisper whisper...

Stay tuned to find out what the Sylvanians do next!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hi there!!!


How have you been?? I know, I have not been writing in my blog. Since school has started, I have been really quite busy! We have lots more homework now, and when I am free I rush out cycling or scootering! But I have a little free time now, so I shall share what has been happening with my Sylvanians.


Here is a close-up shot of my Sylvanians' kitchen and washing room. I set up this room such that when they are doing their chores, they can chat to each other at the same time! Here you can see Mrs Otter in the kitchen washing up. She has just taken that delicious cheese-baked shrimp pie out of the oven. She is chatting with Mrs White Mouse, who is doing the laundry. You can see the ironing board, and the toilet, and a bit of the bathtub behind her. The sink and counter where the Sylvanians brush their teeth and groom themselves is also in this room.


This is a picture of one of my newest Sylvanians -- Mrs Roo! She is carrying her baby in her apron pocket -- isn't she cute? Today Mrs Roo is looking for some baby books to read to baby Iris. They are on the first floor of the school, which my Mom built for me. On sunny days, the light comes in through the big windows and is perfect for reading. Iris says she wants to look at the picture book on gorillas.


Here you can see what I've done with the top floor of the house on the very right. It used to just be a bedroom with beds. Now I've made it a sick bay for Sylvanians who aren't feeling well. Today, Mrs Chihuahua and Kitty Chihuahua are visitng Kitty's brother Emory. He had had a bout of doggie pox, but is much better now. Unfortunately, Rudolph Reindeer had food poisoning from eating grape salad that had gone bad. Rudolph can never quite tell when something has gone bad, especially when there's yogurt in it. But don't worry, Rudolph will be fine soon, and Mr Reindeer is keeping him company so he doesn't feel too sad in the meantime.


Now let's take a quick look at what's happening in the courtyard. As you can see, some of the grown-ups have gotten together to talk and have tea. Mrs Badger is telling them about how all her mince pies -- at least ten of them! -- went missing during the night. This is a very serious matter, because the kids need their food for breakfast and lunch, and also, no one likes to have their things stolen. The grown-ups are worried because this is not the first time it has happened. Mrs Polar Bear's fish pies went missing the night before, and Mrs Honeyfox's raspberry pies went missing last week. The grown-ups know that no one in their village would do something like that, so it must be someone from the Outside World. They are coming up with ideas on how to trap the thief. Obviously, it is someone who likes pies a lot, because whoever it is never touches the stew or cake. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!