Friday, 28 June 2013

Waves in a Bottle!

Hello everybody!! How have you been? Are you ready to go back to school? I'm looking forward to seeing Nicholle and Maisy! We had so much fun together during the holidays! Yay for good friends you can count on!!

Just yesterday, I got a bit creative and made this little experiment in a bottle! I like to shake it around, or flip it over and shake like crazy. Then the whole bottle turns blue, with a million teeny little yellow bubbles of oil floating around. After a while, the blueness settles down and I will roll it around on a table to make extremely mad waves. Then before the waves die down, I'll quickly stand it upright, so that the bubbles fly everywhere, like seagulls! After all the flipping, rolling and shaking, I do it all over again!

When I get tired of all the crazy shaking, I watch all the bubbles float down, piling on top of each other at the bottom to make a seabed. It's quite fascinating actually. Sometimes I decide that maybe all the insane flipping might cause the bottle to slip from my hands, and CRACK! So, maybe doing all that stuff is kinda dangerous haha...

Hey, do you know what the "twilight zone" is? It is the middle layer of the world's oceans, that part of the pelagic zone that goes down from 200 to 1000 metres below the ocean surface (the pelagic zone is any water in a sea or lake that is neither close to the bottom nor near the shore). According to Wiki, some light penetrates this deep, but it is insufficient for photosynthesis. Animals such as swordfish, squid, wolf eels, cuttlefish, and other semi-deep sea creatures live here. They are adapted to life in near darkness, cold water and high pressure. Also, there is enough sunlight for animals, such as the chain catshark, to be fluorescent! Here's my little twilight zone in a bottle! I hope you enjoy watching!

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Paint With Water!

Hello everyone! How have you been? Today we finally have a bit of rain and the PSI is at the "Moderate" level -- yay!! I wonder if it ever gets to the "Good" or the "Go and Play" level?

My Mommy got us this cool Paint with Water thing which is really cute and fun! They have palettes on every page, which is handy, and super cute pictures for you to paint! Come visit me at Bikbik & Roro where I've been guest blogging for the past week -- I'm gonna be sharing more about this there, so please stop by and have a look! Bye and come back again soon!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Nicholle's Birthday!

Hi everyone! A couple of days ago, I attended one of my friends' birthday party! Her name is Nicholle, and there she is next to me -- isn't she cute! It was a cozy little party at a really nice restaurant. Our parents sat at another table, while we chatted and ate together.

This is what I ordered, and Nicholle ordered the same too. Doesn't it look good! It's mushroom spaghetti, with extra cheese -- super yum! We had lots of drinks too! The restaurant had a little corner at the back of the restaurant where you could continually refill your glass with hot or cold water, Milo, lemon tea or pop. I had Milo -- lots of it!

Here comes the cake! I love cake-cutting time. Did I mention that I LOVE cake-cutting time? It's always so exciting when the cake comes, and you get to guess what the cake looks like while the host or hostess picks open the box.

Nicholle had ordered a lovely yellow mango cake from the bakery. Here we are -- Nicholle, the birthday girl in front of her cake, with me and Gwenyth on either side of her. We sang the birthday song, and Nicholle made her wish and blew out all nine candles.

Nicholle had brought her "Little Engineer" set for us to work on. Here we are fixing pieces together to make a little radio. When we were done, Nicholle flipped the switch and a "Happy Birthday" song came right out of the little speaker. It was so cute! Nicholle loves building things and she's really good at math and science -- maybe she could be an inventor or engineer!

The party ended after dessert (I ordered vanilla ice-cream) and Nicholle gave out cute little goody bags with yummy snacks in them, like strawberry Pocky sticks. Here we are together just before we left. The party was so much fun and I can't wait for school to start and I can see all of my friends together! Yay for good friends! Happy birthday again Nicholle! Bye for now and thanks a lot for visiting my blog!

Friday, 21 June 2013

On Sadness and Cuteness

Hi everybody! How have you been? I hope you all are doing OK, although the weather and haze pollution are so bad. The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) went up to 401 today. I've learnt that the PSI is a sort of measure of the air quality. Zero to 50 is good, while 101 - 200 is unhealthy, 201 - 300 is very unhealthy, and anything above 300 is hazardous. So we are in the hazardous range now. The smell of smoke even comes into our house although the windows are shut. Plus the temperature is 35 degrees :(

I read in the news that "Indonesia on Thursday accused Singapore of acting "like a child" over thick smog from forest fires in Sumatra that has triggered an environmental crisis, as the city-state's premier warned it could last weeks" (you can read more here and here). I feel sad that there is all this bickering going on while there is such a bad environmental crisis happening which is not being fixed. I also feel so bad for the poor wildlife that is being affected :(

Let me share with you something happier. Remember the cat pin my Mom made for Maisy's birthday? It was so cute, I wished I could have one too, so my Mom made me a little one! This is a tiny Ragdoll kitten! He reminds me of my cat Ming Ming.

This pin is actually very small, just about 3.5cm. But he has a cute star in his ear! This is what he looks like close up. Isn't he simply adorable?

And this is what he looks like on a cardigan! Isn't he sweet?

My Mom actually put some cat pins in her shop. This cat head is one of them! I love his colour and his beautiful green eyes. These pins are environmentally-friendly because they are made with recycled, reclaimed things. My Mom has been taking some custom orders for her cat pins, so if you want one, just email her or me! They are OOAK (one-of-a-kind), so you can look super cool wearing a special work of art!

OK, see you again soon! Try to enjoy the rest of your June holidays even if you are stuck indoors. Keep praying that the haze crisis can be fixed peacefully, permanently and soon!!!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Shelly and Me make a Movie!

Hi everyone! Good to see you all! How are all of you?

A few months back, I bought a cute little green solar-powered tortoise at my school's science fair. His name is Shelly Tortoise! Shelly can walk, shake his head and wiggle his tail when he is put under sunlight. Here is a little filmlet made by the one and only ME! Hope you like it!

Did you like it? Now it's time for:

Question Corner!
  1. The sun gives off more energy in ___ second than people have used since the beginning of time.
  2. Name some things that we can use solar energy to power.
  3. Solar electric panels are made out of ___.
  4. Name some things that we can use electricity to power.
  5. Solar energy is a ___ energy source and is ___!
Once you have figured out the answer to any one of these questions, please leave a comment along with your answer! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my little movie about Shelly T! Come visit me at Bikbik & Roro, where I will soon be guest-blogging! Bye and see you again soon!  

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maisy's Birthday!

Hello everybody! How have you been? I hope you've been having a wonderful June holidays! Last Sunday was so much fun -- we celebrated my best friend's Maisy's birthday! Here we are at Maisy's house, eating all the super yummy goodies her mom made! Maisy is wearing her cat ears because she really loves cats -- isn't she cute!

Just look at these cupcakes! They had sugar stars and little silver balls -- they were sooooo good. Maisy's mom baked many awesome treats for us. Those little cups in the background are delicious fruity jellies.

Maisy's mom was so nice and invited my little sister to the party too! There's Ro gobbling up something yummy! After stuffing ourselves, we all played many fun games, including Werewolf, Jungle Speed, hide-and-seek and catch.  

Here's Maisy's dad carefully taking out her birthday cake! It was a big pink cake with Barbie in the middle. But although it was pink, it was actually chocolate inside -- yum!

Here's Maisy with her cake! She's so cute -- just like a little kitty!

Maisy didn't want a whole bunch of candles, so her daddy just lit one.

Here we are after we sang the birthday songs and Maisy blew out her candle. Ro looks really fascinated by the cake, or the doll, or both.

Everyone wasn't sure how best to cut this doll cake. In the end we agreed that it would be best to just pull Barbie out first. We were curious to see what would happen when we did! It turned out that Barbie's legs were all wrapped up in cellophane. After she came out, the cake looked like a sweet pink volcano.

This was a pin my Mom made for Maisy because she loves cats so much. I wonder where Maisy will pin it! I think it's adorable; I hope she'll make me one. What a lovely time we had -- happy birthday again Maisy!

See you all again soon!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My First Pin!

Just yesterday, my Mom allowed me to make my own collage pin, just like the ones she sells in her shop! I chose a picture of a tiger and cut it out. I then glued the tiger to a thick board and asked my Mom to help me cut that out. That part was quite hard, because the board is very thick and the cutter has to be very sharp. It also isn't easy to cut around curves and corners!

I looked at a bunch of scrap papers my Mom had and selected a nice green paper. I cut out the flower shape and stuck my tiger on the green background, along with two paper butterflies! Then I added a few sparkly stars and varnished my pin.

This is what I made! I thought it came out quite good for my first time, don't you think?

This is a close-up of my first collage pin! Isn't this tiger beautiful?

I always think of tigers as proud, majestic and very independent. Tigers hunt and live alone. Did you know that a tiger's closest relative is the lion? Without their stripes, it might be hard to tell a tiger and lion apart! Tigers are very large -- they can reach 3.3 metres and weigh up to 306 kgs! Their canine teeth can reach almost 7.5cm long!

When you look into this tiger's eyes, what do you see? I see a bright, happy face which fills me with a joyous feeling, but I am sad that tigers are actually critically endangered because of habitat loss and illegal hunting. Poachers poison their water and set traps to kill them so they can sell their body parts and skin for stupid traditional Chinese medicine recipes. There were once eight tiger subspecies, but three have become extinct. This is a tragedy! You can read more about tigers here and what you can do to help.

I have to go do my homework now. See you soon, and wishing all of you blessed school holidays!