Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles

sylv house5a

So this is my whole Sylvanian town. My Mom said I could only use the top of my chest of drawers. This town has everything my Sylvanians need. My village is about 131cm wide. At the end of the row is my little sister's starter house. Her house is about 28cm wide. You can see it has an extra level which was built by my Mom. Both of us love our houses. This is the beginning of my Sylvanians' story and the things they do everyday! Happy Reading!

sylv house1a

This the first house on the left. It is Willow Hall, plus the conservatory which can be attached. Willow Hall comes with a big staircase but I took it away to make more space. This part is where my Sylvanians sleep, buy snacks, sweets and pastries, eat breakfast, go to the doctor, and chit-chat with each other. Of course any Sylvanian is welcome here, especially new Sylvanians!

sylv house2a

This is the next part. As you can see, this is where the Sylvanians go to school. On the top floor is where the baby Sylvanians go to nursery. There is also a piano and TV there and a study corner. This section has two extra floors under the main school which were built by my Mom. The first level she built is used for sleeping and the second level is part of the school. Today you can see the Sylvanian kids listening to their classmates give a presentation. At the back of the classrooms, some of them are looking at books and things.

sylv house3a

This part is next to the school building. As you can see, this is my starter house plus two extra levels my Mom built for me. This whole section is mainly used for sleeping. Sometimes the kids come here to play and chat.

sylv house4a

This is the last part on the right. I think this house is Babblebrook Grange. The roof opens up to become another level. My Sylvanians have their bathroom and laundry room here, as well as their kitchen. They also sleep here. Today you can see Mr Rabbit on the second floor sitting in front of the fireplace. He is chatting to Mr Pete Postman. On the rooftop, the Sylvanians like to relax and chat and have barbecues. Mrs Owl is very good at barbequeing so she does it most of the time.

sylv house 6a

This is the outdoor courtyard. As you can see, it is very busy during the daytime. Many of the Sylvanians come here to hang out and eat and play and chat with each other. Today you can see the Sylvanian ladies having tea on the left. Mrs Reindeer is telling them about how she found a new kind of moss which she wants to use in salad. The ladies are very interested in this sort of thing.

Mrs Siamese Cat is helping Mr Charcoal Cat at the soup counter today because it is very busy. The kids are waiting for their class to start and are having their snacks in the meantime. Some of the babies are playing on the toy train and Mrs Monkey and Mrs Fox are watching them. The toy train goes around the fountain which can light up. It looks very pretty at night. You can sort of see Mrs Beagle making waffles in the kitchen on the right.

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