Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Moshi Monster!


Have you heard of Moshi Monsters? It is an online site where you can adopt and care for a monster, solve puzzles and earn Rox money, and make friends.

There are six different breeds of monsters you can choose from: Poppet, Luvli, Katsuma, Furi, Zommer and Diavlo. You can visit and click on the button that says "Adopt a monster" to see for yourself.

Of course, I have my own monster; her name is Clover and she is a Katsuma. That is her standing near the front door of her house. I decorate my house with all the cool stuff you can buy with Rox in Monstro City  (that is the name of the whole place where you can shop for furniture and food and clothes for your monster). That big puffy tree thing behind her is my "Friends Tree"; it shows how many friends I have. When you first join and have only a few friends, it is very small. It grows as the number of friends you make grows.

Clover does a lot of funny and weird things; for example, doing somersaults, blowing bubbles without a bubble wand, and singing songs! Can you see the four cute little creatures next to her? Those are Moshlings; they are pets that Clover has and they walk all over her house. I get the Moshlings by planting seeds in my garden. If I plant the right plants together, I get a Moshling!

Many of the decorations in Clover's house can do things. For example, the egg on the floor with the face can open up when you click on it. Or little ghosts will come out of the little house behind my purple owl Moshling. The plant with the six pink flowers can walk!

I have many friends from all over the world! Can you see the exclamation mark on my notice board on the wall? That means one of my friends has written me a note! Everyday I read The Daily Growl -- it is a monster newspaper that any player can read. The Daily Growl is full of cool news about what is happening in Monstro City.

You can also become a member. Being a member lets you do lots of cool stuff like getting free Rox every week and visiting The Port, which is an area for members only. It's so fun to play the games there, earn Rox money and make new friends! I love playing with my monster everyday. Maybe you can meet me there! See ya!

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