Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Sweets!

swt shop

Now I'm going to talk about my sweets! Do these candies look real to you? If you thought they were real, you were wrong! These candies and biscuits are painted clay -- they were made by my Mom! I like to pretend I am selling my candies to my family members. My candies looked so real to my sister that she almost bit into one of my clay marshmallows! Now let's look at the pictures.

Picture 1 is what my candy store looks like from the top (my Mom made my candy store too)! It is called "R's Confectionery Shoppe". You can see the shopping bags that my mother made from old magazines. She stamped each one with a cat that says "Thank you very much" in French!

My Mom also made the shop sign and trays for me to keep my fake candies in. My grandfather made a little lock thing for my shop doors with ice-cream sticks and rubber bands. It keeps the doors shut when the shop is closed. When the shop is open, the doors open out like gates!

Picture 2 on the right shows a part of my shop. You can see a bit of my shop sign on the "tiled" wall. This picture shows you my twisted candy sticks, mint and strawberry hearts, pink marshmallows, and blossom tarts.

Picture 3 shows the hearts, marshmallows, and my chocolate and vanilla sables (they are a type of French cookie). Picture 4 shows the blossom tarts and my mint and chocolate clover cookies.

Picture 5 shows you my berlingots (berlingots are a type of French hard candy made with sugar and whatever flavours you like) and my gumballs! People always want to buy the gumballs!

When customers come to my shop, I ask them politely what they would like, and they tell me which sweet they want and how many. I put their order carefully into my paper bags, then I calculate their total bill on my calculator. They pay me with pretend money. My sister spends a lot at my shop -- she is already a member!

Bye for now!

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