Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Sailor Ghost


Hello again! Today I'm going to talk about my Sailor Ghost. Sailor Ghost was made by my Mom. Sailor Ghost is 6 years old. There is another one in my Mom's shop if you want one. She says Sailor Ghost is a sweet fellow who loves the sea and cucumber sandwiches (naturally, he sometimes lapses into French).

His BDF is Blanche. Blanche is 7 years old. She a kind and lovable doll who was also made by my Mom. Sailor Ghost's other BDF is Behemoth. Behemoth is 5 years old. Behemoth is a really a happy fellow who loves lounging about on things and saying "Raaagh". His favourite food is strawberry shortcake and chocolate cookies. Sailor Ghost is super friendly, and whenever you need a hand he'll be there. If you can't find Sailor Ghost in my house, he is probably flying above your head!

I've gotta go now, see ya soon!

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