Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Sick Day At Home


So today I could not go to school because I have a cold. My Mom had to bring me to the doctor. The doctor gave me medicine for it. One of them is called "Fedac" and he said it might make me sleepy. He wanted to give me two days' MC, but my Mom said no, one is enough.

I felt quite miserable because I will miss my friends and teachers and even being able to see the school logo like I do everyday. That is a picture of me holding my nose so I won't sneeze. I put my foot up because I didn't want my Mom to take a picture of me about to sneeze.


But anyway, as you can see, I will not let anything get me down! I'm still going to be the happy girl I am! Although I missed school today, I will still be able to go back when I feel better! Oh! In the background you can see two of my cats!

See ya soon!

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