Saturday, 24 September 2011

Rainbow Magic


Now I shall tell you about my Rainbow Magic books. As you can see, they are very colourful! Here are just a few of them, but there are tons in this whole series. They are about all sorts of different fairies, like music fairies, weather fairies, dance fairies, ocean fairies, etc. The cover says these books are written by Daisy Meadows, but they are actually written by a bunch of different people. My Mom said they are called ghostwriters!

I'm going to talk about the book Sophie the Sapphire Fairy. The nasty Jack Frost hates summer so he decides to take all the magic gems from the Jewel Faries and hide them in the human world. The fairies' friends, Rachel and Kirsty, try to help, and they find out that Sophie's gem is hidden somewhere in the Tippington Town fountain! Without Sophie's sapphire, all the wishes little children wish will not come true! Will they find it and bring it back to Fairyland, or will the gem remain in the icy hands of Jack Frost? Read the book to find out for yourself!

If you're thinking of getting books from this series, or want to know more about them, ask me!

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