Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Monkey


Well, since I am at home today, I will write about some of my toys! This is Monkey. I sleep with him every night. He is 6 years old. Monkey loves to swing on my imaginary vines. I think dolls are real and that they have actual feelings too. His BDF (BDF stands for Best Doll Friend) is Huggy Bear. Huggy Bear is an adorable little bear who loves hugs. He is quite old; my Mom bought him with her pocket money when she was my age!

Monkey's other BDF is Bear Bear. Bear Bear is a very old bear who is clever and kind. Monkey's favourite food is bananas as you might have guessed. He has a lot of patches on him because my Mom had to fix his holes. Monkey is a fussy, fun-to-play-with, kind, cute and generous little monkey. I know he looks a little worried, but he just likes to think a lot. I love playing with Monkey. I hope that if you have a monkey like mine, you would love playing with him too.

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