Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gardens by the Bay!

082512 072
Hi there! Can you guess where we are? Yes, I know we are sitting in front of a fountain. The fountain is at the Gardens by the Bay! I had read that the aim of this place is "to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city". It's funny that at the same time they are destroying the forests in my neighbourhood... But anyway, let me show you some pictures I took on our little excursion.

082512 055
Here you can see the Supertree Grove from the ground. There are lots of different plants growing on the Supertrees. The Supertrees have electronic stuff inside them so they can pretend to be real trees.

082512 053
I believe many real trees can grow to be that big and tall if people just left them alone!

082512 123
Here is a big sculpture of a crocodile. Can you see what's on its back?

082512 130
Yes! Lots of little baby crocodiles! Isn't it clever?

082512 134
These are lion sculptures that they had all along the walls.

082512 136
They are really quite big.

082512 138
It felt like being a Christian in the Colosseum.

082512 104
This is my little sister resting. It was a hot day and we did a lot of walking.

082512 164
And now here's the view from the top of the Supertree Grove. This is about 50 metres or 160 feet above the ground. See how tiny the people down below are?

082512 172
And here you can see the Skyway. It's like a long bridge at the top for people to walk on. You get to it by taking a lift. At night the Supertrees put on a light and music show, but we didn't stay for that.

082512 179
There are a lot of things you can't do on the Skyway. That includes leaning, jumping, running, littering and wearing high heels. These three are my favourite though.

082512 176
Here I am walking on the Skyway, holding on to my hand straps and belongings. My Mom was taking my picture so she didn't hold on to me.

And now here are some pictures of the plants I saw there. Some of them, like the little pink ones, were just part of the grass, but they were so pretty. Isn't nature wonderful!

082512 080

082512 060

082512 087

082512 089

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Sylvanian Chronicles

Hello everybody! How have you been? Let's see what's happening out at the Sylvanian school patio!

062912 092

Today Mrs Seadog is taking the patio class. She is giving Lucy Polar Bear, Harland Sheepdog, Hester Honeyfox and Felix Renard extra tuition in fractions (Harland has gone over to Mrs Beagle's class just to listen to Ellis Elephant's presentation on yogurt. He still can't believe it is made with bacteria).

Mrs Seadog says that the word "fractions" comes from the Latin word "fractus", which means "broken". The kids were confused about all the different types of fractions and Mrs Seadog is trying to explain. She always uses the example of a pizza.

062912 099

Here you can see the kids! Hester Honeyfox is starting to think she understands what a denominator is. Felix Renard is thinking that since he broke his arm last month, it is still only a fraction of how strong it used to be. Lucy Polar Bear is raising her paw to ask Mrs Seadog to use cakes to explain what mixed fractions are. Harland Sheepdog is thinking she should use real cakes.

062912 095

Here are Jemima Kangaroo and Iris Smoky Cat having their late morning snack. They had had chess practice early in the morning and hadn't had time for breakfast (and you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day!). Iris is saying, "It's true, 'gnu' is pronounce 'noo'!" and Jemima is saying, "Really! I wonder what they have the 'g' there for then".

Tune in next time for the next part of my Sylvanian story!