Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ready for adventure!

Hello everybody!! How have you been? It's the school holidays at last -- yippee!! Are you asking who is that up there? It's Isadora, my Blythe dolly! "Did you mention my name?" she's asking. Yes, Isadora, I am introducing you to my friends!

"Hi everybody!" says Isadora. 

Isadora is getting ready to go on our trip! Yes, we are going on a little vacation!! I am sooooooo excited. I'm going to take pictures of Isadora while we're travelling and at the places we visit. She likes taking pictures. Here, she is wearing her winter bear hat because we are going somewhere really cold. She already has her tights and her boots on, and she'll be getting her coat on next. It's still warm here though, so she's just sitting in the garden waiting.

Do you see her little bag? Yes! It's a teeny weeny Tabby satchel Mommy made for her; it's just like mine, except it's only an inch big! But it fits Isadora perfectly and she can carry all the things she wants in it for our adventures. So far, she has packed a book, a tennis racket, and a baguette!

Isadora is already dreaming of all the things we will be seeing and doing. We'll write again soon! Have a super lovely holidays everyone!!