Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Birthday Party!

Hello again! I'm so happy to share with you the wonderful birthday party I had with my friends! Guess where we had it? The Build-a-Bear Workshop! I invited all my friends (well, as many as my Mom said I could) and they were all so excited! It was such a lovely day -- let me show you!

This was me on my birthday morning. I'm hugging Monkey and about to have my yummy breakfast -- cheese toast and scrambled eggs. I already knew it was going to be an awesome day!

This is the birthday card I received from the Sylvanian Families. They send me one every year! Inside it reads, "Have a lovely time on your special day", written in big, bold letters. Oh, and look! There is one of the Guppies looking at my card. He was made by my Mom.

These were the first three guests to arrive. There's Harmony, then Jodie and Chloe (there were actually TWO Chloes coming to my party!). Unfortunately, one of my guests had a fever and could not attend at the last minute.

Here we are waiting for the last girl, Chloe, to come. Another guest arrived before Chloe -- Cheryl. Can you spot her? Here, we are having fun playing Duck, Duck, Goose (the Build-a-Bear version of it).

Here we are doing a "Choo Choo Train" to the first part of building a bear. Our party leader would say "Chugga Chugga" and we'd have to answer "Choo Choo". We felt kinda shy doing it, but had no choice -- we wanted to build our bears! The other Chloe still hadn't come yet, so we started first.

Aww! Look at those cute bears! Which one should we choose? Eventually, we all chose the Lil' Almond Cub, an adorable white bear with the softest, glossiest fur ever.

Now we are doing the "Choo Choo Train" to the Stuffing Station. Chloe had arrived while we were choosing our bears. There she is at the back of the line, holding Jodie's shoulders. 

 We each take two cute little red hearts...

... then we say special things for our bears...

... and put the hearts into our bears...

and make special wishes!
After making our wishes, our party leader took out a bright yellow bear and put him on the floor. She told my guests that they were all supposed to write birthday wishes on him, then I could bring him home as a souvenir.

Here's Cheryl writing her birthday wishes on the bear.

 Here are the two Chloes looking at each other's wishes.

This is the big Build-A-Bear stuffing machine. You step on a pedal and all the fluffy stuffing goes into your bear to make it huggable and cozy.

Here I am stepping on the pedal while our party leader stuffs my bear.

Looks kinda painful.

When my bear was just the right softness for me, she stitched him up.

 Look! It's a Chloe hiding behind a bear!

Next, we scrub our bears with little pawprint-shaped brushes. It helps to clean and fluff up our bears' fur.

Then we browse through all the beautiful clothing for our bears. It was hard to choose!

And here are our bears all dressed up in their pretty costumes. Don't they look cute? We love our bears!

Our party leader put everyone's bears into their take-home boxes, which are called Cub Condos. She also put in a little Build-a-Bear notepad and a birth certificate for our bears.

 Ooh! Look at the yummy chocolate cake! I chose to have a picture of Stitch on it.

 What a great time we had at my party! Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with me! Stay tuned for my GIVEAWAY!


  1. Happy birthday, kiddo. I wish you a wonderful year ahead, and many, many more beautiful years. Looks like you all had a great time. Years ago, I threw a birthday party for my daughter at a Build-a-Bear Workshop, and all the kids had such a great time. Hmmm...I think my daughter still has that bear. I'll have to ask her.

    And I love the guppies your mom makes! They are so cute.

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like an awesome birthday party! I have the Build-a-Bear Workshop in my town too but I didn't know how it works so thank you for blogging about this! :)

  3. Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!

    Oh we had a store like this in Portugal but it closed! I wish I have had a birthday party like that when I was younger! I'm really glad you have a new stuffed friend and now you can even make some clothes for him yourself!

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fabulous time with your friends and your new bear friend!

  5. Happy birthday, Rebecca. It looks like you had an awesome birthday party with your friends! We have Build-a-Bear here in Colorado too. I made a kitty there for my niece Lisa who lost her special stuffed kitty when she accidentally left it behind in the Toronto, Canada airport. May you have a happy and wonderful new year of you!

  6. What a nice birthday party! Happy Birthday to you!
    Your friends all look so sweet and like they are a lot of fun.

  7. Oh Wow!! You had a beautiful birthday party! I loved seeing how the bears were made! Many birthday blessings to you ;o)

  8. Happy Birthday ~♪ ♪ ♪ Rebecca! (^ ◡ ^)ノ♡

  9. Happy belated birthday Becky! You're such a lucky girl to get to celebrate your special day with your friends and with new bears too.

    Thanks for checking up on me! I'm feeling a little better.

    Rena says hi and sends you a belated birthday hug ^_~

    Rowena @ rolala loves


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