Monday, 22 April 2013


Hello everybody! How have you been? I actually have lots of things to post -- including a GIVEAWAY -- so stay tuned! But first I wanted to share with you some wonderful news!

Remember Wiggle? That's him up there, as a sweet baby mealworm. I took this picture after his friends Scriggle and Shake had left :(

But I was determined not to give up and Wiggle was determined too! And look what happened -- Wiggle became a pupa! My Mom was home when it happened; she says it happened really fast. When she came home, he was still in his mealworm state; then when she looked at him about half an hour later, he was like this! See that browny-black thing on the side there? That's his old casing from his final moulting. In the days before he metamorphosed, he acted all uncomfortable; he kept scrunching up and looking like he was dying. I was a little worried, but something told me not to give up hope!

So, thank goodness I kept waiting and feeding him. Although in his pupa stage, he did not do much at all. He just lay about like that. For awhile I kept giving him stuff to eat, but when I saw he was really not interested, I stopped. Day by day, he changed colour, turning just a little darker and browner each time.

At first, he was just this pale thing with no features. But after awhile, he started showing little dark bits. I was glad he was changing more obviously, because many days would pass and he would be so still, I wasn't sure if he was still alive!

So here he is looking a bit darker.

And here he is from the top. My Mom kept saying he looked like an alien.

Here he is looking even darker. During this time, he started moving a tiny bit, which was rather nasty. But I was glad because I felt it meant that he would be transforming again really soon. He had already been in his alien state for quite awhile, maybe a couple of weeks.

Then one day, after a couple of days of twitching, I found him like this! Isn't that amazing? He really changed! I wish I could have gotten a video of him taking of his pupa "jacket", but it was tiring just sitting there looking at him and waiting.

And today he is like this -- a real, proper beetle! Isn't he nice and dark? Here he is enjoying some apples and lettuce. At first, I was all set to release him into the wild, but my Mom pointed out all the birds that were out there. I decided he would be safer and happier in his own little home. It's like a beetle hotel really, with good food! I'll keep taking pictures of him now and then, though I guess he won't be changing anymore now. I'm so happy he is all grown up now! 

See you again real soon! Don't forget -- I have a fun GIVEAWAY coming up!!


  1. Oh Sooooo Sweet! I knew he would survive!And he looks so pretty now after the alein state which was not that pretty! I hope he likes his little hotel!

  2. This is so sweet. And the transformation is quite fascinating He's a beautiful beetle. I love how you give so much care to even the tiniest of creatures. He is one lucky little one.

    When my daughter was younger (probably about your age), she nurtured two caterpillars the same way you've nurtured the mealworms. Sadly, one of them didn't make it. The other one that did survive went through a similar transformation. But it didn't turn into a butterfly like we thought it would. But a moth! It was fun to witness all the miraculous stages, and a joy to see how gentle my daughter was to such tiny critters.

    Looking forward to your giveaway!

  3. Wow! That's amazing!


  4. Awesome post, Rebecca! What an excellent job you did of documenting Wiggle's metamorphosis! Wiggle did look like an alien ~ a little creepy. I've done butterflies before but never beetles. You're a very good writer! I can't wait to see more of your posts!

  5. Wow great! \(^。^)/ Say hello to Wiggle!


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