Monday, 16 September 2013

Staycation Fun!

Do you know why I am doing the dance of joy here? Yes! It's because we went to our other home for a hotel staycation!! It felt like ages since we had been on a little holiday. Again my Mom didn't tell us anything about it till the lastest minute, and we were so excited!

Of course, we did lots of fun things! Even crafting is so much more fun in a hotel room! Here you can see Roro and me on the floor doing our drawings and eating McDonald fries and nuggets at the same time!

This is the velvet poster I was working on. It was so fun colouring the posters, and I like feeling the poster's soft velvet patterns. 

We went out a lot since we were right downtown. Usually we don't go because Mom says it's too crazily demented with psycho weirdos. Here we are at one of our favourite toy stores (although one of the things we bought there didn't work). The display behind us is actually moving -- there are adorable Steiff bears popping in and out of those boxes. And behind me is a giant Steiff bear -- I wonder how much he is!

See? Here is one of the sweet little bears coming out of his box.

Another favourite of mine is this little macaron shop called Laduree. Laduree is a French luxury bakery and they make really delicious macarons (though I don't think they are so much better than some other places which are cheaper). They have about 16 different flavours and the colours are really pretty, but my favourite is the vanilla one, which is a plain cream colour. I like vanilla anything really!

Here I am taking a picture of Pendleton Mouse in a jewelry store. Pendleton Mouse is actually a puppet, so you can actually turn his head from inside him as if he's really looking or listening! I took a whole bunch of photos of Pendleton in the different places we went to on our staycation.

This is a Japanese fish-shaped cake called taiyaki. Mommy was so happy to find a shop selling these since she hadn't had one since she was little. You can watch the lady making them -- the fish moulds are so cute! Mommy got us some to try and we really enjoyed it! Mine was a brown chocolate one.

Here we are heading HOME after a fun day out!

I did a lot of swimming of course! Swimming is a must-do on my hotel staycation list. I had to wait to swim every day in the evening because Mommy says it's too hot to swim in the afternoon. Night swimming was lots of fun too!

We also spent a lot of time just lying around watching FashionTV. Here I am lounging on my comfy Panda pillow pet. Do you know you can fold him together and he becomes a toy? That's what Pillow Pets are. The whole time there we kept singing the Pillow Pets song: "It's a pillow, it's a pet -- it's a Pillow Pet (dum dum)!"

When the weather was fine, we went out to play in the fountain! All we had to do afterward was wrap up in the nice big hotel towels and walk barefoot back to our room. Then we take nice luxurious bubble baths and relax some more!

It's so fun crawling through the watery "bridges". I love playing with water!

Well you know of course that staycation breakfasts are the best! Here I am on one of the mornings with bacon and sausages and hash browns and scrambled eggs and hot chocolate! I also always add orange juice, watermelon and plain yogurt for dessert .

This is Roro's breakfast plate. She likes Mommy to make smiley faces for her.

Finally it was time to go :(

It was too short, but Mommy says we will be back!!! Yes, we will return!!!

See you again soon!!!! More pictures here.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Phantom of the Opera!

Hi everyone!!! How have you been?? It's the September school holidays at last -- yaahoooo! I am planning to do lots of fun things, like crafting, swimming, rollerblading and meeting up with my best friend!

We have been busy with my little brother of course, but now I have a bit of free time to tell you about some things I have been up to recently. First, let me share with you something I really enjoyed -- "The Phantom of the Opera"! The musical has been playing in Singapore since July but I think it ended on September 1st. The tickets sold out really fast, so we were really extremely lucky to get them.

Actually, Mommy got them secretly and didn't say anything about them the entire time. Ro and I kept saying we wish we could go and Mommy just kept saying, "We'll see" when actually the whole time she had the tickets hidden somewhere.

Then on the night of the show, she said we had to go to her friend's wedding dinner and had to get dressed up. So I wore my silk dress and Ro wore her rosy one. We were sorta excited to be going for a wedding dinner actually haha!

My Dad dropped us off at Marina Bay Sands and we still didn't know we were going to see Phantom. The place is huge and we had to walk and walk like crazy. It was only when we were in the crowd outside of the theatre and Mommy gave the tickets to the usher, that it finally clicked! I screamed with excitement!!

It was soooooooooooooooooooooo cool!! I loved the singing and the props and the music from the live orchestra. Just in case you don't know, "The Phantom of the Opera" is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Charles Hart. It is based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux, published between 1909 and 1910. We weren't allowed to use any recording devices during the performance of course, but here's a picture of the stage! Isn't it lovely!

During the intermission everyone was buying drinks and standing around trying to look cool. We just ate our hard-boiled eggs! Roro forgot to put in the forks like Mom asked her to, so we had to use our fingers, but that was fine with me.

After the show, we got some candy as a treat -- yum!

On our way to meet Daddy, we passed this awesome fountain. It's called the Rain Oculus and really, the sound it makes is just like a heavy heavy downpour. Here I am in front of it holding my Phantom programme (more about that later!).

It's like a whirlpool in a giant glass bowl that falls out of the hole like a waterfall. It reminds me of an hourglass!

This place is so big, it even has a canal going through it. You can actually be paddled along in a boat called a sampan.

Now let me show you my programme! What was so cool was that when we were in the theatre lobby and saw them being sold, Mom asked the lady how much they were. She said they were $25! So Mom said, "We'll think about it", which really means "That's ridiculous! There is no way we're buying that!" We started walking toward the one flight of stairs, and then Mommy suddenly said, "Let's just check if we should be going up the other flight instead" (the other flights of stairs was way on the opposite end).

Well just as we were reaching it, this Australian man just came up to us out of the blue and said, "Would you like to have this programme? They sent us a couple when I bought our tickets and we don't need this extra one". And he actually just gave it to us!! Wasn't that awesome? Mommy thanked God right there and then because these are the "little" things God does to bless us every day!

So, since I couldn't take any pictures of the show for you, let me share with you some pictures from my programme!

This photo shows the cast during the dress rehearsal of Hannibal. Seeing that huge elephant on stage was really thrilling!

Here are Christine and the Phantom! Roro says that in this photo Christine is slapping the Phantom haha.

Here is everyone at the masquerade! They're all really happy because they think the Phantom has left and won't bother them anymore. But of course, he hasn't. In awhile, he will appear at the top of the stairs in a dramatic red skeleton costume! I loved this scene.

Here is the little monkey music box. This scene is from the very beginning of the show where things from the Opera House are being auctioned off. When the music box is wound up, it plays the song "Masquerade" very sadly.

I loved it soooooooo much and I wish we could go again! Waaah! Oh well, I have to go now, but I've more to share, so see you again soon!