Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Sylvanian Siamese Cat Family


I am going to talk about my Sylvanian Siamese Cat Family! Here is a picture of them. Standing at the back are Mr and Mrs Siamese Cat. Mr and Mrs Siamese Cat love cooking and eating fish stew! Mr Siamese Cat has his own catfish farm and Mrs Siamese Cat loves sewing and embroidery.

In front of Mr Siamese Cat is Elina, and in front of Mrs Siamese Cat is Erica, her twin. Elina is a lovable cat who is about 7 years old. She loves art, badminton and baking! She is a tiny bit older than Erica, by about 3 minutes, Mrs Siamese Cat says. Erica also loves badminton, watching movies and running around! She is much more rowdy than Elina. In this picture, Erica is carrying their baby sister Ella, who is about 4 months old. Ella loves naptime, milk, watching her older sisters play badminton, and drawing!

The Siamese Cat parents are very neat and organised. They even have their own timetable! Here is their timetable:

9:00am - 9:30am -- Breakfast
9:30am - 10:45am -- Playtime
10:45am - 12:00pm -- Watch TV
12:00pm - 12:56pm -- School and Baking/Cooking Practice
12:56pm - 2:00pm -- Playtime
2:00pm - 4:30pm -- Badminton Classes
4:30pm - 5:10pm -- Lunch
5:10pm - 6:00pm -- Naptime
6:00pm - 7:35pm -- Art Classes
7:35pm - 8:00pm -- Dinner
8:00pm - 9:30pm -- Bathtime
9:30pm - 9:00am -- Sleep

The Siamese Cat Family is a very happy family!
Bye till the next post!

My Sweets!

swt shop

Now I'm going to talk about my sweets! Do these candies look real to you? If you thought they were real, you were wrong! These candies and biscuits are painted clay -- they were made by my Mom! I like to pretend I am selling my candies to my family members. My candies looked so real to my sister that she almost bit into one of my clay marshmallows! Now let's look at the pictures.

Picture 1 is what my candy store looks like from the top (my Mom made my candy store too)! It is called "R's Confectionery Shoppe". You can see the shopping bags that my mother made from old magazines. She stamped each one with a cat that says "Thank you very much" in French!

My Mom also made the shop sign and trays for me to keep my fake candies in. My grandfather made a little lock thing for my shop doors with ice-cream sticks and rubber bands. It keeps the doors shut when the shop is closed. When the shop is open, the doors open out like gates!

Picture 2 on the right shows a part of my shop. You can see a bit of my shop sign on the "tiled" wall. This picture shows you my twisted candy sticks, mint and strawberry hearts, pink marshmallows, and blossom tarts.

Picture 3 shows the hearts, marshmallows, and my chocolate and vanilla sables (they are a type of French cookie). Picture 4 shows the blossom tarts and my mint and chocolate clover cookies.

Picture 5 shows you my berlingots (berlingots are a type of French hard candy made with sugar and whatever flavours you like) and my gumballs! People always want to buy the gumballs!

When customers come to my shop, I ask them politely what they would like, and they tell me which sweet they want and how many. I put their order carefully into my paper bags, then I calculate their total bill on my calculator. They pay me with pretend money. My sister spends a lot at my shop -- she is already a member!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


It's another lovely day! Let's see what's happening with the Sylvanians! Here are Hester Honeyfox, Charlotte Elephant, Victoria Rabbit and Rebecca Rabbit having a picnic in the courtyard. Charlotte Elephant is about to take a piece of baguette. Hester Honeyfox is having a croissant. Rebecca Rabbit has already had her jam sandwiches. Now she is just relaxing and enjoying the smell of the flowers.

Victoria Rabbit is telling Hester Honeyfox about how she is going to audition for the Sylvanian Cheerleading Contest. Victoria is a very good jumper! Behind the girls is Dulcie Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit's twin sister, Rachel Rabbit, and Mrs Elephant. Mrs Elephant is taking care of the candy cart for the day. Rachel Rabbit is wondering if she should get the cheese crackers or lollipos. It's hard to decide when there are so many good things to choose from!

Can you see the tennis rackets on the picnic blanket? They belong to Elina and Erica the Siamese Cats. Elina and Erica are twins and they just love sports. They are going to take part in the Sylvanian Sports Contest that is held every summer!


Here we see one of the Sylvanian classes in session! Today Mr Raccoon is teaching and Mikaela Renard is giving her presentation on bats. She is telling the class that bats use echolocation to find their prey in complete darkness, and are the only mammals who can really fly. Mikaela is Victoria Rabbit's BFF. The two of them always go for cheerleading practice together.

Rufina Charcoal Cat is thinking that she should learn more about bats. Cats love things that fly! Emily Otter is paying a lot of attention to Mikaela because she is a super animal lover and she wants to learn more about them. She would like to be a doctor for baby animals when she grows up. Emily is Rufina's BFF; they always play skipping and catch at recess.

Isabel Cat (the one at the end of the row) is getting ready to clap for Mikaela. Isabel is very cheerful and she always tries to help and make other Sylvanians happy. The classroom was filled with joy today!


Here's what the kids look like! They are all paying great attention to Mikaela's presentation. Melody Monkey is very, very, very interested because she has never met a bat before and she would like to know more about them. Melody Monkey has a brother named Izzy, and a sister named Martha. Melody Monkey is also Mikaela's BFF.

Beatrice Reindeer is stting next to Melody. She thinks that bats sound very exciting, but that the Vampire ones are a little scary. Mikaela said that Vampire bats drink mammals' blood, and Beatrice knows that she is a mammal. Beatrice is Lulu Deer's BFF. Beatrice and Lulu always play a game with the other Sylvanian kids called "Catch The Deer".

Jasper Beagle is the little dog at the end of the row. He is very excited because he loves flying animals like owls, butterflies, eagles etc. Jasper Beagle has a little sister named Stella. Stella and Jasper always play fetch with Melody Monkey and "Catch The Deer" with Beatrice and Lulu Deer.

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Allie Finkle


This series of books is called Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls by Meg Cabot. Meg Cabot is the same author who wrote The Princess Diaries! It was made into a movie; have you seen it? The Allie Finkle series is about a girl named Allie and her two irritating brothers, Mark and Kevin. The book on top, Best Friends And Drama Queens, is about a new girl who joins Allie's class! Allie is excited at first, but the new girl, Cheyenne, soon becomes a bully. Cheyenne tries to make the whole class obey her and do everything in the same mature way she does. Allie is so upset that everyone, even her best friends, are becoming just like Cheyenne. Allie decides to stand up for herself no matter how many times Cheyenne tries to tell her what to do. What will happen next? Read the book to find out more!

Rainbow Magic


Now I shall tell you about my Rainbow Magic books. As you can see, they are very colourful! Here are just a few of them, but there are tons in this whole series. They are about all sorts of different fairies, like music fairies, weather fairies, dance fairies, ocean fairies, etc. The cover says these books are written by Daisy Meadows, but they are actually written by a bunch of different people. My Mom said they are called ghostwriters!

I'm going to talk about the book Sophie the Sapphire Fairy. The nasty Jack Frost hates summer so he decides to take all the magic gems from the Jewel Faries and hide them in the human world. The fairies' friends, Rachel and Kirsty, try to help, and they find out that Sophie's gem is hidden somewhere in the Tippington Town fountain! Without Sophie's sapphire, all the wishes little children wish will not come true! Will they find it and bring it back to Fairyland, or will the gem remain in the icy hands of Jack Frost? Read the book to find out for yourself!

If you're thinking of getting books from this series, or want to know more about them, ask me!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Creepella von Cacklefur


I thought I would share some of my books with you! This is the Creepella von Cacklefur series by Geronimo Stilton. My Mom said that Geronimo Stilton is not the real name of the author, and that the real author is an Italian lady. Well, I had guessed anyway that they were not written by a mouse.

Creepella von Cacklefur is Geronimo Stilton's enchanting and mysterious friend. She has a pet bat named Bitewing. Her father runs a funeral home and the family owns the creepy Cacklefur Castle. The book here is The Thirteen Ghosts. Creepella wants to be a journalist! She wants to write and publish a story in The Shivery News! The title of her article is The Secret Life of the Ghosts of Mysterious Valley.

Creepella decides to go to a haunted mansion to interview some ghosts. On the way, she meets the famous writer, Billy Squeakspeare, who has inherited the mansion. Billy is too afraid to go inside alone, so Creepella and her niece Shivereen lead the way. Are the ghosts inside friendly or frightening? Read the book to find out for yourself!
See you at the next post!

My Sylvanian Chronicles


So let's see what's happening with the Sylvanians today! Here are some of the Sylvanian kids having lunch. They're waiting for their class to start. Today it looks like the girls decided to have lunch together. Lucy Polar Bear is telling all the girls a story about some snowmen who build a castle made of ice. She is at a very exciting bit right now. Lucy Polar Bear is a kind bear who loves telling stories and eating salmon (though today she is having strawberry custard).

The two girls, Sonia Grey Rabbit and Margo Cat are talking about Lucy Polar Bear's ice-fishing story from yesterday. Polar bears come from the arctic as you might know. Sonia Grey Rabbit is a bunny who loves playing on the piano and eating carrots and raisins. Margo Cat is a talkative little cat who loves going to school and trying to solve riddles. Margo Cat loves to eat chicken drumsticks and cabbage.

Lulu Deer, Nora Raccoon and Merry Rabbit are eating their food while listening to Lucy Polar Bear's snowman story. Lulu Deer is a happy little fawn who loves skipping and watching the cheerleaders practice. Nora Raccoon is a serious little girl who loves reading and painting. You can see how seriously she is listening. Sometimes she likes to just be by herself, but she is always ready to be a good friend! Merry Rabbit is a another happy little bunny who loves hopping around and having science lessons. She is a great expert on insects, especially grasshoppers. Merry Rabbit loves eating vegetables and strawberries! All of them can't wait for lessons to start!

Now let's have a look at the next picture!


Here Owl is taking care of some of the kids in class. They are learning about their sense of smell! Owl is a smart little owlet who loves playing with other Sylvanians. He loves to eat tomatoes and carrots. Today, he is being the teacher's assistant. He just loves helping others and making new friends!
On to the last picture!


Here's what the kids look like. As you can see, they are a little afraid of Owl and pay attention to him very carefully. ChiChi Chihuahua (the white dog on the left)is using her super sense of smell to smell Owl's handmade cookies. Maxie the cat is smelling Owl's flowers and trying to identify what plant it is. Edward Badger is waiting for his turn to test his sense of smell. At the end of the row is Elina the Siamese Cat who is also waiting her turn. She looked straight at the camera when I took the photo!

See you again real soon!

Thursday, 22 September 2011



These are our Totoros!! Let me introduce them. The big light grey one at the back is the oldest; he belongs to my Mom. The blue one is my little sister's. The medium sized dark grey one is mine. These are their names:

Big grey one -- Oh Totoro
Medium blue one -- Chu (ch-oo) Totoro
Medium dark grey one -- Kage (ka-gay) Totoro (I call my Totoro Kage because it means "shadow" in Japanese)

The story of My Neighbor Totoro is about what happens when two sisters, Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, move into their new house with their father, Tatsuo. Their mother, Yasuko is ill and has to stay in the hospital. At their new house, Mei discovers the magical world of the forest spirits, the Totoros. "Totoro" is not really their name; it is the name Mei gives them. When she first meets the big grey Totoro and asks him what his name is, he roars, "DO-DO-ROOOAAR!!!". So Mei said his name is "Totoro".

toto bkm

This is my Totoro storybook. It tells the whole Totoro story. The picture on the left is the cover, and the picture on the right is one of the pages in the book. Here you can see Mei following the little white Totoro. Later, the little white Totoro and Chu Totoro try to sneak away while Mei is looking for them under the house. Chu Totoro is carrying a sack of acorns.

The great thing about this book is that it is full of pictures from the movie, so we can stare at all the cute characters as long as we like! In the book, it says that the big Totoro is about 1300 years old and almost 7 feet tall! The medium blue Totoro is about 600 years old. And the little white Totoro is about 100. The next time I will show you a picture of the Cat Bus.

Go see My Neighbor Totoro if you haven't yet! I'm sure you will love it as much as I do! Bye for now!

My Sailor Ghost


Hello again! Today I'm going to talk about my Sailor Ghost. Sailor Ghost was made by my Mom. Sailor Ghost is 6 years old. There is another one in my Mom's shop if you want one. She says Sailor Ghost is a sweet fellow who loves the sea and cucumber sandwiches (naturally, he sometimes lapses into French).

His BDF is Blanche. Blanche is 7 years old. She a kind and lovable doll who was also made by my Mom. Sailor Ghost's other BDF is Behemoth. Behemoth is 5 years old. Behemoth is a really a happy fellow who loves lounging about on things and saying "Raaagh". His favourite food is strawberry shortcake and chocolate cookies. Sailor Ghost is super friendly, and whenever you need a hand he'll be there. If you can't find Sailor Ghost in my house, he is probably flying above your head!

I've gotta go now, see ya soon!

My Lalaloopsy Doll


Now I will introduce you to my Lalaloopsy doll, Tippy Tumbelina! Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls; they magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn! Tippy is a fun-loving doll who was made from a ballerina's tutu. Tippy is 7 years old. She is a kind, pretty, honest and funny little doll. She loves to act, sing and dance, and she has a pet swan! Her favourite food is anything pink, such as, peaches, marshmallows, etc. Here, Tippy is wearing a homemade dress. Her stage dress is much more fluffy and sparkly.

Tippy's BDF is Serafina Featherbed, another Lalaloopsy doll (I renamed her Serafina because Pillow Featherbed made her sound like a pillow). Pillow is a girl who loves naptime -- she was made from a baby's blankie -- but she always wakes up in time to play with her friends! Tippy's other BDF is Kage (Kage means shadow) Totoro ( I will tell you about this Totoro later). Tippy is the best actress in Lalaloopsy Land!

Bye for now!

My Monkey


Well, since I am at home today, I will write about some of my toys! This is Monkey. I sleep with him every night. He is 6 years old. Monkey loves to swing on my imaginary vines. I think dolls are real and that they have actual feelings too. His BDF (BDF stands for Best Doll Friend) is Huggy Bear. Huggy Bear is an adorable little bear who loves hugs. He is quite old; my Mom bought him with her pocket money when she was my age!

Monkey's other BDF is Bear Bear. Bear Bear is a very old bear who is clever and kind. Monkey's favourite food is bananas as you might have guessed. He has a lot of patches on him because my Mom had to fix his holes. Monkey is a fussy, fun-to-play-with, kind, cute and generous little monkey. I know he looks a little worried, but he just likes to think a lot. I love playing with Monkey. I hope that if you have a monkey like mine, you would love playing with him too.

My Sick Day At Home


So today I could not go to school because I have a cold. My Mom had to bring me to the doctor. The doctor gave me medicine for it. One of them is called "Fedac" and he said it might make me sleepy. He wanted to give me two days' MC, but my Mom said no, one is enough.

I felt quite miserable because I will miss my friends and teachers and even being able to see the school logo like I do everyday. That is a picture of me holding my nose so I won't sneeze. I put my foot up because I didn't want my Mom to take a picture of me about to sneeze.


But anyway, as you can see, I will not let anything get me down! I'm still going to be the happy girl I am! Although I missed school today, I will still be able to go back when I feel better! Oh! In the background you can see two of my cats!

See ya soon!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Moshi Monster!


Have you heard of Moshi Monsters? It is an online site where you can adopt and care for a monster, solve puzzles and earn Rox money, and make friends.

There are six different breeds of monsters you can choose from: Poppet, Luvli, Katsuma, Furi, Zommer and Diavlo. You can visit and click on the button that says "Adopt a monster" to see for yourself.

Of course, I have my own monster; her name is Clover and she is a Katsuma. That is her standing near the front door of her house. I decorate my house with all the cool stuff you can buy with Rox in Monstro City  (that is the name of the whole place where you can shop for furniture and food and clothes for your monster). That big puffy tree thing behind her is my "Friends Tree"; it shows how many friends I have. When you first join and have only a few friends, it is very small. It grows as the number of friends you make grows.

Clover does a lot of funny and weird things; for example, doing somersaults, blowing bubbles without a bubble wand, and singing songs! Can you see the four cute little creatures next to her? Those are Moshlings; they are pets that Clover has and they walk all over her house. I get the Moshlings by planting seeds in my garden. If I plant the right plants together, I get a Moshling!

Many of the decorations in Clover's house can do things. For example, the egg on the floor with the face can open up when you click on it. Or little ghosts will come out of the little house behind my purple owl Moshling. The plant with the six pink flowers can walk!

I have many friends from all over the world! Can you see the exclamation mark on my notice board on the wall? That means one of my friends has written me a note! Everyday I read The Daily Growl -- it is a monster newspaper that any player can read. The Daily Growl is full of cool news about what is happening in Monstro City.

You can also become a member. Being a member lets you do lots of cool stuff like getting free Rox every week and visiting The Port, which is an area for members only. It's so fun to play the games there, earn Rox money and make new friends! I love playing with my monster everyday. Maybe you can meet me there! See ya!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles

sylv house5a

So this is my whole Sylvanian town. My Mom said I could only use the top of my chest of drawers. This town has everything my Sylvanians need. My village is about 131cm wide. At the end of the row is my little sister's starter house. Her house is about 28cm wide. You can see it has an extra level which was built by my Mom. Both of us love our houses. This is the beginning of my Sylvanians' story and the things they do everyday! Happy Reading!

sylv house1a

This the first house on the left. It is Willow Hall, plus the conservatory which can be attached. Willow Hall comes with a big staircase but I took it away to make more space. This part is where my Sylvanians sleep, buy snacks, sweets and pastries, eat breakfast, go to the doctor, and chit-chat with each other. Of course any Sylvanian is welcome here, especially new Sylvanians!

sylv house2a

This is the next part. As you can see, this is where the Sylvanians go to school. On the top floor is where the baby Sylvanians go to nursery. There is also a piano and TV there and a study corner. This section has two extra floors under the main school which were built by my Mom. The first level she built is used for sleeping and the second level is part of the school. Today you can see the Sylvanian kids listening to their classmates give a presentation. At the back of the classrooms, some of them are looking at books and things.

sylv house3a

This part is next to the school building. As you can see, this is my starter house plus two extra levels my Mom built for me. This whole section is mainly used for sleeping. Sometimes the kids come here to play and chat.

sylv house4a

This is the last part on the right. I think this house is Babblebrook Grange. The roof opens up to become another level. My Sylvanians have their bathroom and laundry room here, as well as their kitchen. They also sleep here. Today you can see Mr Rabbit on the second floor sitting in front of the fireplace. He is chatting to Mr Pete Postman. On the rooftop, the Sylvanians like to relax and chat and have barbecues. Mrs Owl is very good at barbequeing so she does it most of the time.

sylv house 6a

This is the outdoor courtyard. As you can see, it is very busy during the daytime. Many of the Sylvanians come here to hang out and eat and play and chat with each other. Today you can see the Sylvanian ladies having tea on the left. Mrs Reindeer is telling them about how she found a new kind of moss which she wants to use in salad. The ladies are very interested in this sort of thing.

Mrs Siamese Cat is helping Mr Charcoal Cat at the soup counter today because it is very busy. The kids are waiting for their class to start and are having their snacks in the meantime. Some of the babies are playing on the toy train and Mrs Monkey and Mrs Fox are watching them. The toy train goes around the fountain which can light up. It looks very pretty at night. You can sort of see Mrs Beagle making waffles in the kitchen on the right.

My Forest Adventure!

Hi! I'm going to talk about my Forest Adventure! It was an obstacle course in a mall. Before I started, the lady helped me put on the harness and she gave me a cute Forest Adventure stamp on my hand. Then it was time to begin my first round! At first, it was a little hard because it was wobbly, but I did it without hesitation! I got to do it a couple more times and it became easier and less wobbly. In fact, the lady said I was quite fast! It was so much fun. I have been begging my Mom to bring me to the junior obstacle course outdoors.I hope she will bring me.

Enjoy the video!