Friday, 23 September 2011

Creepella von Cacklefur


I thought I would share some of my books with you! This is the Creepella von Cacklefur series by Geronimo Stilton. My Mom said that Geronimo Stilton is not the real name of the author, and that the real author is an Italian lady. Well, I had guessed anyway that they were not written by a mouse.

Creepella von Cacklefur is Geronimo Stilton's enchanting and mysterious friend. She has a pet bat named Bitewing. Her father runs a funeral home and the family owns the creepy Cacklefur Castle. The book here is The Thirteen Ghosts. Creepella wants to be a journalist! She wants to write and publish a story in The Shivery News! The title of her article is The Secret Life of the Ghosts of Mysterious Valley.

Creepella decides to go to a haunted mansion to interview some ghosts. On the way, she meets the famous writer, Billy Squeakspeare, who has inherited the mansion. Billy is too afraid to go inside alone, so Creepella and her niece Shivereen lead the way. Are the ghosts inside friendly or frightening? Read the book to find out for yourself!
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