Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


It's another lovely day! Let's see what's happening with the Sylvanians! Here are Hester Honeyfox, Charlotte Elephant, Victoria Rabbit and Rebecca Rabbit having a picnic in the courtyard. Charlotte Elephant is about to take a piece of baguette. Hester Honeyfox is having a croissant. Rebecca Rabbit has already had her jam sandwiches. Now she is just relaxing and enjoying the smell of the flowers.

Victoria Rabbit is telling Hester Honeyfox about how she is going to audition for the Sylvanian Cheerleading Contest. Victoria is a very good jumper! Behind the girls is Dulcie Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit's twin sister, Rachel Rabbit, and Mrs Elephant. Mrs Elephant is taking care of the candy cart for the day. Rachel Rabbit is wondering if she should get the cheese crackers or lollipos. It's hard to decide when there are so many good things to choose from!

Can you see the tennis rackets on the picnic blanket? They belong to Elina and Erica the Siamese Cats. Elina and Erica are twins and they just love sports. They are going to take part in the Sylvanian Sports Contest that is held every summer!


Here we see one of the Sylvanian classes in session! Today Mr Raccoon is teaching and Mikaela Renard is giving her presentation on bats. She is telling the class that bats use echolocation to find their prey in complete darkness, and are the only mammals who can really fly. Mikaela is Victoria Rabbit's BFF. The two of them always go for cheerleading practice together.

Rufina Charcoal Cat is thinking that she should learn more about bats. Cats love things that fly! Emily Otter is paying a lot of attention to Mikaela because she is a super animal lover and she wants to learn more about them. She would like to be a doctor for baby animals when she grows up. Emily is Rufina's BFF; they always play skipping and catch at recess.

Isabel Cat (the one at the end of the row) is getting ready to clap for Mikaela. Isabel is very cheerful and she always tries to help and make other Sylvanians happy. The classroom was filled with joy today!


Here's what the kids look like! They are all paying great attention to Mikaela's presentation. Melody Monkey is very, very, very interested because she has never met a bat before and she would like to know more about them. Melody Monkey has a brother named Izzy, and a sister named Martha. Melody Monkey is also Mikaela's BFF.

Beatrice Reindeer is stting next to Melody. She thinks that bats sound very exciting, but that the Vampire ones are a little scary. Mikaela said that Vampire bats drink mammals' blood, and Beatrice knows that she is a mammal. Beatrice is Lulu Deer's BFF. Beatrice and Lulu always play a game with the other Sylvanian kids called "Catch The Deer".

Jasper Beagle is the little dog at the end of the row. He is very excited because he loves flying animals like owls, butterflies, eagles etc. Jasper Beagle has a little sister named Stella. Stella and Jasper always play fetch with Melody Monkey and "Catch The Deer" with Beatrice and Lulu Deer.

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