Sunday, 2 June 2013

My First Pin!

Just yesterday, my Mom allowed me to make my own collage pin, just like the ones she sells in her shop! I chose a picture of a tiger and cut it out. I then glued the tiger to a thick board and asked my Mom to help me cut that out. That part was quite hard, because the board is very thick and the cutter has to be very sharp. It also isn't easy to cut around curves and corners!

I looked at a bunch of scrap papers my Mom had and selected a nice green paper. I cut out the flower shape and stuck my tiger on the green background, along with two paper butterflies! Then I added a few sparkly stars and varnished my pin.

This is what I made! I thought it came out quite good for my first time, don't you think?

This is a close-up of my first collage pin! Isn't this tiger beautiful?

I always think of tigers as proud, majestic and very independent. Tigers hunt and live alone. Did you know that a tiger's closest relative is the lion? Without their stripes, it might be hard to tell a tiger and lion apart! Tigers are very large -- they can reach 3.3 metres and weigh up to 306 kgs! Their canine teeth can reach almost 7.5cm long!

When you look into this tiger's eyes, what do you see? I see a bright, happy face which fills me with a joyous feeling, but I am sad that tigers are actually critically endangered because of habitat loss and illegal hunting. Poachers poison their water and set traps to kill them so they can sell their body parts and skin for stupid traditional Chinese medicine recipes. There were once eight tiger subspecies, but three have become extinct. This is a tragedy! You can read more about tigers here and what you can do to help.

I have to go do my homework now. See you soon, and wishing all of you blessed school holidays!


  1. I think it is more than perfect! you should make more for your friends and then you could all use them togheter, like a group symbol! I like tigers too, but even in the zoo I can fell quite afraid of them, I mean, they are huge! I like panthers more than tigers just because I think their face is so expressive!

    Have a great week and happy crafts!

  2. That is a beautiful pin! And a tiger is the perfect choice. They are one of my favourite animals, and it saddens me that they are endangered. Humans do such horrible things.

  3. I think you did a GREAT job on this pin, just wonderful!
    Tigers are sad to me in cages in zoos, they always pace up and down. They need to be FREE!
    And like you, I am horrified at what is being done to them.
    Take care and keep studying hard!
    Keep up the good creative work too!
    (I still have hopes that your giveaway will get to me!)

  4. Wow! one word! AWESOME! both, your collage & the tiger! AWESOME! & yr mom is also AWESOME to have taken the time to show u how. Oh, & of cos, u are one truly AWESOME gal! God bless you {:-)

  5. I think you did fantastic for your first pin! You should be very proud ;o) I love tigers too ;o) We have to protect them and all of the other beautiful creatures on our earth. Hugs ;o)


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