Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maisy's Birthday!

Hello everybody! How have you been? I hope you've been having a wonderful June holidays! Last Sunday was so much fun -- we celebrated my best friend's Maisy's birthday! Here we are at Maisy's house, eating all the super yummy goodies her mom made! Maisy is wearing her cat ears because she really loves cats -- isn't she cute!

Just look at these cupcakes! They had sugar stars and little silver balls -- they were sooooo good. Maisy's mom baked many awesome treats for us. Those little cups in the background are delicious fruity jellies.

Maisy's mom was so nice and invited my little sister to the party too! There's Ro gobbling up something yummy! After stuffing ourselves, we all played many fun games, including Werewolf, Jungle Speed, hide-and-seek and catch.  

Here's Maisy's dad carefully taking out her birthday cake! It was a big pink cake with Barbie in the middle. But although it was pink, it was actually chocolate inside -- yum!

Here's Maisy with her cake! She's so cute -- just like a little kitty!

Maisy didn't want a whole bunch of candles, so her daddy just lit one.

Here we are after we sang the birthday songs and Maisy blew out her candle. Ro looks really fascinated by the cake, or the doll, or both.

Everyone wasn't sure how best to cut this doll cake. In the end we agreed that it would be best to just pull Barbie out first. We were curious to see what would happen when we did! It turned out that Barbie's legs were all wrapped up in cellophane. After she came out, the cake looked like a sweet pink volcano.

This was a pin my Mom made for Maisy because she loves cats so much. I wonder where Maisy will pin it! I think it's adorable; I hope she'll make me one. What a lovely time we had -- happy birthday again Maisy!

See you all again soon!!


  1. When I had my 7th birthday I had a Barbie cake too and I loved it! I am glad you girls had fun, friend's birthday parties are the best!

  2. Maizie is a cute girl, I love her cat ears! (Also, love the cat pin your sweet Mom made for her.)

    Those cupcakes and Barbie Cake are just AMAZING.
    Very nice indeed that your friend's mother invited your little sister too, I love thoughtful friends!

  3. Looks like Maisy had a perfect birthday celebration with her friends and family and such a pretty cake and cupcakes too! Thanks for explaining about the Barbie cake because I was wondering how you would cut it. Maisie looks so cute in her cat ears and the pin your mom made is totally cattastic :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Wow, her mom made all those sweet treats! That is amazing. They all look so yummy that I'm not sure what I would have chosen. I love the photos, and it looks like you all had a wonderful time. How nice that your little sister was able to go, too. I love the pin your mom made. She is very creative and talented!

  5. What fun you had at your friend's birthday! So many yummy treats! I love the cake! And, I love the pin your mom made! So adorable ;o)

  6. Gosh wish i had a mom like Maisie's cos i drool drool loove cupcakes! Hahaha yes i can see how fascinated Ro was by the birthday cake, she's prob thinking she wants something like that for her next b-day party. i also think yr mom's fabulously talented - that cat collage is soooo adorable! & looks like all of u had such a great time too. Ps: maybe u could hve a cat birthday part & invite Maisie and her cat, she would love that i'm sure seeing how much she seems to like cats. {:-)


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