Monday, 17 June 2013

Shelly and Me make a Movie!

Hi everyone! Good to see you all! How are all of you?

A few months back, I bought a cute little green solar-powered tortoise at my school's science fair. His name is Shelly Tortoise! Shelly can walk, shake his head and wiggle his tail when he is put under sunlight. Here is a little filmlet made by the one and only ME! Hope you like it!

Did you like it? Now it's time for:

Question Corner!
  1. The sun gives off more energy in ___ second than people have used since the beginning of time.
  2. Name some things that we can use solar energy to power.
  3. Solar electric panels are made out of ___.
  4. Name some things that we can use electricity to power.
  5. Solar energy is a ___ energy source and is ___!
Once you have figured out the answer to any one of these questions, please leave a comment along with your answer! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my little movie about Shelly T! Come visit me at Bikbik & Roro, where I will soon be guest-blogging! Bye and see you again soon!  


  1. Hello Rebecca! I simply loved your movie I am so glad you take time to do things like this! Oh and to show you I've paid enough attention here are my answers!
    1. 1 second!
    2. heat things and put little Shelly to walk!
    3. Photo-voltaic cells!
    4. Television, radio, computer etc!
    5. renewable! and... environmental friendly!

    I hope I got all the answers correct! Have a great week!

  2. This is so cute! Shelly is adorable. I have a solar-powered lighthouse ornament in my garden. During the day the sun charges it, and at night it lights up with a rotating light. It is the coolest thing in my backyard! I also have a solar-powered (dancing) plastic flower that my mom gave me years ago. I keep it near the window and the leaves bounce up and down. It is so cute, and always makes me think of my mom.

    Here are my answers to the quiz:

    1) One second
    2) Houses and water
    3) Silicon
    4) Run a calculator, a satellite, your Shelly...or my dancing flower and my lighthouse!
    5) Renewable energy, environmentally friendly

    This was a fun post. You are learning wonderful things about caring for our world, and I thank you for sharing them.

  3. Great job on the film Becky! And bravo to Shelly for his performance! Thanks to the two of you, I learned that solar panels are made of silicon. Looking forward to seeing you on your mom's blog :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Rebecca, I love Shelly and I love this movie! Thanks for making it and thanks for all the information!! We need to take care of our earth ;o)

  5. Becky! may i call u Becky? Becus i feel like i already know u so well and i love how u r as a person and today, i also love that awww adorable lil tortoise, Shelly, love the way she moves, soo cute. & yes, of cos, we all need to do our part, no matter how small or insignificant for all little efforts make up into one gigantic accomplishment, to save this little planet, not just for ourselves but for all the other little Shellys & wildlife, huge or tiny. God bless you sweetie {:-)

  6. Cute movie!!! I like the way she walks. so cute<3


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