Monday, 24 June 2013

Nicholle's Birthday!

Hi everyone! A couple of days ago, I attended one of my friends' birthday party! Her name is Nicholle, and there she is next to me -- isn't she cute! It was a cozy little party at a really nice restaurant. Our parents sat at another table, while we chatted and ate together.

This is what I ordered, and Nicholle ordered the same too. Doesn't it look good! It's mushroom spaghetti, with extra cheese -- super yum! We had lots of drinks too! The restaurant had a little corner at the back of the restaurant where you could continually refill your glass with hot or cold water, Milo, lemon tea or pop. I had Milo -- lots of it!

Here comes the cake! I love cake-cutting time. Did I mention that I LOVE cake-cutting time? It's always so exciting when the cake comes, and you get to guess what the cake looks like while the host or hostess picks open the box.

Nicholle had ordered a lovely yellow mango cake from the bakery. Here we are -- Nicholle, the birthday girl in front of her cake, with me and Gwenyth on either side of her. We sang the birthday song, and Nicholle made her wish and blew out all nine candles.

Nicholle had brought her "Little Engineer" set for us to work on. Here we are fixing pieces together to make a little radio. When we were done, Nicholle flipped the switch and a "Happy Birthday" song came right out of the little speaker. It was so cute! Nicholle loves building things and she's really good at math and science -- maybe she could be an inventor or engineer!

The party ended after dessert (I ordered vanilla ice-cream) and Nicholle gave out cute little goody bags with yummy snacks in them, like strawberry Pocky sticks. Here we are together just before we left. The party was so much fun and I can't wait for school to start and I can see all of my friends together! Yay for good friends! Happy birthday again Nicholle! Bye for now and thanks a lot for visiting my blog!


  1. Happy Birthday to your friend Nicholle! It looks like you all had a grand time!

    I have yet to taste Milo. I heard it's a very popular drink in Singapore!

  2. Happy Birthday to Nicholle! Your friends seems to have the sweetest birthday parties! Your mushroom spaghetti looks so yummy and so does that yellow mango cake. Love the last photo of you two!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Hahaha...yes, you did mention that you love cake-cutting time. I love that, too. I'm always curious to see what kind of cake is going to be served, and if it'll be my favourite. What a wonderful time you had. I miss the birthday parties my children had, and the ones we attended when they were young. Perhaps one day I'll have grandbabies and be able to do it all over again. That'll be exciting. I really like the meal you chose. Mushroom spaghetti and all that extra cheese...Yummy...NOM NOM NOM...

  4. I have never tried mango cake! But I do love your engineer set, I am finishing my studies in engineering so this is just amazing for me *(:

  5. What a fun birthday party!!! Happy Birthday to your friend ;o)

  6. Lovely photos :) Thanks for sharing !
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