Sunday, 1 July 2012

Roof garden!

Hi there! Today I decided to write about my roof garden! My Mom actually made it for me about two months ago, but I was too busy to post about it then. Let me share my pictures with you now!


Here is a picture of the roof garden drying. My Mom protects it with lots of varnish. She made it to fit on top of Berry Grove school. You might know that that clock piece is right at the top of the school. My Mom had to cut holes exactly for the clock to go through. Did you know that it tells time properly? Yes, it works!


This picture shows my roof garden furniture. You can see that I moved the nursery here, and then I added seats and things for the Sylvanians to sit and chat and have tea. My Sylvanians love dessert, so there's lots of fruit cake, cheesecake and pastries! There is a cream puff on the piano for Lolly Cat to snack on while having her lessons. The flowers here are very pretty and colourful.


This is the part of the roof garden where the trellis wall is. There is a bench here and of course, more dessert! Doesn't that chocolate log cake look yummy? The Sylvanians are so lucky, they can have dessert any time they want.


There's the blueberry cheesecake! Doesn't it look good?? You can see a bit of the inside of the baby playpen. It's so cute!


Here is the roof garden on top of the school! My Mom had to build pillars in the room underneath to help hold it up because you know Berry Grove school doesn't actually have a roof. You can see one of the pillars beside the bed on the right, with the tulips in front of it. My Mom made it like a bookshelf! I made the old nursery a bedroom and so the kids can put their books and things there.


And here is everyone in the roof garden! Margo Cat is playing with Baby Sheepdog while telling Mrs Deer about her prawn aquarium. Mr Owl is giving Lolly her piano lesson. Charlotte Elephant is showing Baby Ella how her trunk works. At the trellis wall, you can see Jasper Beagle and Drake Seadog talking about the scary goblin movie they watched last night. Baby Badger is thinking they are very, very, very high up.


See you next time!

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  1. The roof garden is great! Your mom is very smart, a real architect.
    I loved to see everyone enjoying this wonderful place and how many delicious desserts!
    I hope to see more news soon.
    See you. ;)


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