Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Learning Journey!

071012 002a
Yesterday we had our class excursion! Let me share some of my pictures with you. Here I am on the bus with one of my best friends, Kirthi! The bus was huge, because it had to carry our whole class and two grownups -- our form teacher and my Mom!

071012 025A
Can you guess where we're going?

071012 013A
Yup! The National Orchid Garden at the Botanic Gardens!

071012 046A
Here we are walking through orchid-covered arches into the garden.

071012 037A
See how tall the palms are?

071012 056a
Here we are in front of some fountain.

071012 075a
Here we are walking a very long bridge to get to the Cool House. It is so nice to be surrounded by so much nature.

071012 078a
Here we are outside the Cool House. Our teacher is explaining what the Cool House is. The Cool House shows what it's like in a tropical mountain forest. There are lots of orchids here, and carnivorous plants from all over the world too! The air here is cool (I think my teacher said it's 20 degrees), and there is a heavy mist which got us all damp.

071012 093a
Isn't this orchid wonderful! Like something from another planet.

071012 085a
And here you can see us getting wet in the mist.

071012 155a
Of course, because this was a "Learning Journey", we had to do some work. We all had worksheets we had to fill out along the way. Here I am writing about the orchids I liked the most.

071012 095a
I don't know why I am glowing here.

071012 186a
Here I am in front of some Vanda Miss Joaquim.

071012 108a
Finally we got to have our snack time. A lot of us were quite tired and hungry by this time. Here I am snacking with two of my good friends, Harmony and Emma. We are sitting in a colonial bungalow.

071012 190a
Before we left the Gardens, our teacher said we could play for awhile in the field. Here we are looking at it. Our teacher is telling us how far we're allowed to go.

071012 200a
And here we are playing Duck Duck Goose! For some reason, there are people who actually want to be Goose.

071012 224a
Harmony, Emma and I played some jump rope.

071012 255a
And here we are back in class. We had been at the Gardens the whole afternoon, so we just had about an hour of school left. Our teacher wanted us to go over our worksheets. What a fun day!

Now, I will show you some of the beautiful plants and flowers we saw. Actually, there are thousands of species and hybrids in the Gardens, so this is just a small handful. I hope you like them!

071012 188a

071012 184a

071012 183a

071012 182a

071012 181a

071012 164a

071012 102a

071012 083a

071012 055a

071012 054a

071012 052a

071012 051a

071012 036A

071012 032A

071012 030A

071012 021A

Competition Time!
To get a special mention in my blog, just leave a comment with the correct answer to any of the questions here!
1) Which orchid is your favourite?
2) Have you been here before? Do you plan to?


  1. Nice pics.
    I hope you had a good time.


  2. What a wonderful excursion, I love the kids' pictures drawing and learning more about botanical life.
    And these orchids, wow! it´s breathtaking!

  3. Aaah looks like the Garden of Eden. But parts of it also looks like a dinosaur might just come crashing thru the foliage! Wouldn't that be great fun for u and yr friends? Hahaha just joking. You must have had a lovely time, school excursions always are. Oh & i loove that CAT bag of yr's! Meeeow

  4. wonderful photos!!!! the flowers look so beautiful!


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