Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Sylvanian Chronicles

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Let's see what's happening up on the roof garden today! As you can see, the Sylvanian mommies are having a nice chat while looking after the babies. Mrs Reindeer was just explaining that reindeer are sometimes carnivorous. She said she had tried lemming and fish pie before, which her cousin in Norway had sent her. She said it was quite good.

Mrs Siamese Cat is agreeing enthusiastically. She is trying to get baby Ella to nap. Mrs Kangaroo is looking a little anxious because she thinks her joey is about the size of a lemming. But the Sylvanians really do try not to eat each other. In the background you can see Mr Owl giving Melody Monkey her piano lesson. She has not been practising, so Mr Owl is saying "No dessert for you!"

070812 005 blog

Here at the trellis wall Nora Raccoon and Lulu Deer are having tea. Lulu is describing the Kids' Club marshmallow eating contest which she hopes to win. Earlier, she had told Nora that deer have a special stomach that lets them eat poison ivy. She think she might do well at the marshmallow eating contest because of her four-chambered stomach which helps her eat things quickly. Nora Raccoon is saying she hates the green-coloured marshmallows.

See you again soon!

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