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Hi there! How are you? I hope you have been having a super week! Well, I've already introduced you to my cats, so today I thought I would introduce you to my doggie Kipper!

Can you tell what kind of dog she is? Yes! She is a West Highland White Terrier. People like to call them Westies for short. They are called Westies because they are a breed of dog from the west coast of Scotland. They are working dogs and were bred to hunt foxes, badgers, otters, and other vermin. They are medium-sized, and have a white double coat of fur, which means they have a soft, thick undercoat, and a rough outer coat.

Kipper is four years old, which my Mom says is about 32 in human years. We rescued her from being put down when she was just three months old. When we first brought her home, she was so tiny I could lift her up in the palm of my hand. Now she is so big and heavy, even my Mom complains when she has to carry her!

In the first days of being at home, she was very quiet and sad. She would just sit all curled up in my lap. I think she had had a bad time with whoever it was she was with before. My Mom says she was the quietest puppy she'd ever known. Usually puppies cry a lot when they're left alone, but Kipper never said a word. She was also really skinny, so I think she had not been taken care of very well.

But slowly, she started becoming happier! She started eating better and playing more, and after awhile she stopped being shy and sad. She is very energetic and loves to play with our cats. See, here is a picture of her with Ming when she was little. They look like they are having a nice chat.

kip ming

Kipper is also really smart -- when she needs to poo or pee, she just opens the back door herself and runs to her pee tray. She doesn't do her stuff anywhere else, not even if she's out with us a whole day at the park.

When she was about six months old, we started bringing her for obedience training. My Mom said this would also be a good opportunity for her to socialise more with other people and dogs. Puppies need to be properly socialised so that they will behave well with other animals and people, and in different situations.

The training classes were every Saturday morning for a couple of hours for two and a half months. Kipper learnt all sorts of things, like "sit", "down" and "stay", and how to walk nicely on a leash and off it. When my Mom stops walking, she is supposed to stop walking too and sit down.

At the end of the whole course, Kipper had to pass a test so that she could get her certificate. The most difficult part of the test was walking with your dog without a leash. One lady's dog even ran away across the road and a few guys had to go looking for it. But Kipper did great! She kept walking close to my Mom, and she sat down when my Mom stopped walking. So she got her certificate!

Well, I've read that Westies are "the most friendly and jolly of all the Scottish breeds of terrier", and if you knew Kipper, I'm sure you'd agree! She is sooooo friendly and always loves a good cuddle.

Here is a picture of Kipper in the newspaper last year. Isn't she cute? OK, see you soon!


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  1. oh my gosh I want to steal your puppy! he is sooooo cute! can I have him? heh


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