Saturday, 21 July 2012

Happy Racial Harmony Day!

B & Ming

Hello! How are you? Here is a picture of me wearing my blue cheongsam! Everyone had to wear traditional costumes to celebrate Racial Harmony Day at school. A cheongsam is a dress Chinese women wear. It is also called a qi pao in Mandarin. On this day we celebrate our country's many cultures and racial harmony. It is so nice to see everyone in their different, colourful costumes, like cheongsams, baju kurung and saris.

One of the fun things we do on Racial Harmony Day is kebayarobics. This is a sort of exercise workout that we do to Malay music. There are a lot of arm and leg movements. It's almost like a dance. This year I was so happy to be given the Kebayarobics Queen badge.


Here is a picture of my hair! My Mom told me that in some parts of China, young unmarried girls would wear two buns in their hair. But I think she did this style for me just because she thinks it's neater.
See you super-duper soon!


  1. What a noble cause for celebration!
    You're a beautiful girl in your blue dress. Your hair was also amazing!
    I have a picture of my daughter dressed as a Chinese child. She was beautiful in her red clothes. ;)
    A big hug

  2. Love the hair! So beautifully done. :) C was given a badge for her dance item too. Mighty proud she was after that. Haha.


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