Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today I wanted to share a few pictures from my friend's awesome 8th birthday party (happy birthday again Chloe!). It was actually about a week ago, but I didn't have time to sit down and write about it properly.

072112 003
Chloe held her birthday party at a restaurant called Swensen's. I think Swensen's is most famous for its yummy ice-cream desserts. They have these really nice stained glass lamps which my Mom said are called Tiffany lamps. The restaurant is huge, and they set aside a big space at the end of the restaurant for us to have our party. Chloe had invited our whole class, and even though a few of our friends didn't turn up, there were still a lot of us!

072112 012
That's Chloe, the birthday girl! She was wearing a really pretty party dress. Here she is calling all of us to get our balloons!

072112 004
And here we are playing with our balloons! They were shaped like pirate swords. All of us made a ton of noise. Kirthi (in the pink top) won the sword-fighting contest!

072112 022
Here's Kirthi telling me some funny new actions to add to our special handshake. We have to wobble and say "Jelly jelly". She's so funny.

Here we all are having lunch. I had fish and chips. There's Mandy doing the peace sign; she's lots of fun.

072112 036
We played lots of games like Duck, Duck Goose and Ice And Freeze. Then we had an ice-cream contest to see whose ice-cream concoction was the best! These were the ice-creams...

072112 037
And these were all the different toppings. Don't they look yummy?

And here we all are with the birthday girl and cake. What a fun day! See you again soon!

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