Friday, 29 June 2012

My Ballet Concert


Ta-dah! This photo here is me in my ballet costume. I wore this costume for my Four Seasons ballet performance. You see, this performance was all about the four seasons. My classmates and I were the first to go onstage. Guess what season I was in? Spring, of course!

Before the concert, we had weeks of practice, and then, the day before, we had to do a full dress rehearsal -- ten times! To get to the concert venue, we all rode on a huge excursion bus. The bus was very cold and those girls who didn't bring jackets were freezing!

I was a little nervous at first, but I got over it soon. Doing ballet exams, and being in other performances and choir helps a lot with that! The performance was extremely fun and we got loads of applause. The last thing all the ballerinas had to do was take a great, big bow during the finale. After the show was over, each dancer got a pretty flower from their ballet teacher. Mine was a big sunflower. It was the best; no, it was extra-terrestrial!

See you very soon!


  1. Congrats for the successful presentation at the concert! The ballet costume was really cute. ;)


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