Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New patio!

Hello!!! How are you? Did you have a great school holiday like me? I had lots of fun, and one of the cool things was that we finally had our ballet concert which we had been rehearsing for. I will post a picture of me in my costume when I can. Now school has started -- waaah. But I have some free time now so I thought I would share with you the latest thing in my Sylvanian village!

xtra sch2a

It is the new school patio which my Mom made for me! It is connected to the third floor of the school building which you can see is the second building from the left here. The patio is 31cm by 10cm, so it is quite a bit of extra space! It extends high over the courtyard, so my Mom built a fence for it so no one would fall and get hurt. The floor of the patio is covered with big pink peonies.

I decided to use my new patio as a place where the Sylvanian kids could go for extra tuition and have a snack if they didn't have time in the morning. Half the patio has desks and chairs, and the other half has a little table for meals. Here you can see Felix Renard and Ernest Polar Bear having their brunch. They are having eggs, sausages and hot chocolate. Felix Renard is describing his latest invention: a machine that helps antiques talk about where they came from and how they were used. There is also custard and spaghetti if anyone else is hungry.

xtra school1a

Today Mrs Beagle is taking the extra class. The Sylvanian kids wanted some extra coaching in the process of mummification. Mrs Beagle is explaining how you have to take out the brains through the nose with a large hook. After washing the body and covering it with salts, you leave it to dry for 40 days.

Lulu Deer is fascinated, but for some reason she can't help looking at her tomato pudding. Drake Seadog is wondering if he can mummify the leftover fish from dinner last night. Franklin Bear is thinking his toast already looks mummified.

Bye till the next post!


  1. oh my gosh too cute! an I'm so jealous of your school house! I want that one badly! you've one a wonderful job setting everything up!


  2. Wow! You have so many lovely friends! sooo cute!

  3. Hi, beautiful Rebecca! What amazing collection you have! I loved the school and the patio. I'll try to read and comment on your new posts, just ask you to be careful with my bad English (my language is Portuguese). ;)
    I hope to see the picture of you in your ballet costume.

  4. Very good addition to the building! It looks just right with your present buildings!


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