Saturday, 3 March 2012



Hi there! Remember my cat Sophie? Well now let me introduce you to another of my cats -- Ming Ming! He is a Ragamuffin cat and he is about as big as Sophie. He is quite fat and heavy. His fur is very thick and soft, but it does not get matted very easily. People always notice his bright blue eyes.

Ming is a very quiet cat, you almost never hear him meow. He is also very very easygoing. I don't think he is really friendly unless he knows you well, but he is very relaxed. You will often find him lazing about, lying completely flat on his back on the sofa or on the bed or the floor. In this picture, he is sitting on top of that cardboard cat house my Mom made.

Ming is a little bit older than Sophie. They play together a lot. My Mom rescued him when he was a little kitten. He was just sitting all alone in the rain and his white fur was all wet and dirty. He is very close to my Mom and follows her around the house like a dog. Sometimes he'll climb up right in front of her on her computer keyboard to get her attention!

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