Friday, 14 October 2011



Hello! Let me introduce you to Sophie! She is one of my cats! She is a Maine Coon cat, and as you can see, she is quite big; she is about 91cm long. Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds and they have long coats. My Mom has to comb her or the fur will knot. Sophie is very strong and heavy. She likes talking with us, and when she meows, it sounds like a chirp!

Sophie is sitting on a cardboard house that my Mom made for the cats from two big diaper cartons. They are connected and have a doorway inside. Sophie is a very shy, gentle cat. She is a cat who is pretty hard to get to calm down and sit on your lap, but she is very affectionate and if she knows you well, she will sit next to you and ask to be stroked and cuddled. Sophie is about 4 years old, which my Mom says is about 32 years in human years.

I love playing with Sophie, even if she runs away sometimes.
Goodbye for now!

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