Friday, 14 October 2011

My Science Project

My class had to do a science project to find out if kidney beans need light to germinate. We were told to put our beans in two containers with wet cotton wool. We had to put one container in sunlight, and the other one in a dark place with no light at all. These are pictures of my plants on the last two days of the experiment.


This picture shows what the plant in the sunlight looked like on the second last day. At first, I was very excited to do the experiment because I love science. Soon I found out that almost the entire project, besides planting the beans, was just waiting.


Here is my sunlight plant on the last day of the experiment. As you can see, in just one day it put out a whole new shoot! As you can see, there are leaves starting to grow already. I was very happy and I was squealing with excitement running around the house showing the plant to all my family members.


This is the plant without light on the last day. I had kept it in a little cupboard. It had grown, but the shoots were all white! It also didn't have any leaves. I am still surprised that it grew even when it didn't have light. But my Mom told me that it probably wouldn't last too long.

I asked my Mom why the plant in the sunlight was nice and green. She said it was because of something called photosynthesis. This is when green plants get energy from sunlight and make it into sugar. They need it to grow. The green colour comes from chlorophyll, which is what absorbs the sunlight. My Mom said that if the plant doesn't get sunlight, then it cannot make chlorophyll and will finally die. She said plants also need other things like minerals and carbon dioxide to grow, and without sunlight, a plant can't get those things. I guess the poor plant in the cupboard didn't get to do all this.

Isn't nature and science amazing? I had a lot of fun doing the project.
See you at the next post!

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