Saturday, 8 October 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


Let's see what's happening with the Sylvanians today! Here we are in the courtyard of Willow Hall, the first house. Here you can see the three of the kids, Molly Mouse, Rudolph Reindeer and Lulu Deer, having breakfast. There are eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, fruit and hot chocolate. The kids always have very good breakfasts. It is an important meal of the day! In the background is Mr Charcoal getting his breakfast. Mrs Charcoal is standing next to him, taking care of the candy cart. Mrs Chihuahua is helping with the pastries and sandwiches.


Over in the school, Columbus Sheep is giving his presentation in Mrs Raccoon's class. He is talking about woodpeckers. Did you know that woodpeckers can peck up to 20 times per second? It really is wonderful how God created animals like that. Beatrice Reindeer is very intrested in his presentation because she loves birds. She thinks it must be lovely to be able to fly and peck things.

Izzy Monkey is wondering how a woodpecker can peck so many times in a second, and why they never seem to get tired of pecking. Rachel Rabbit is hoping to see a woodpecker flying somewhere in Sylvania so she can take a picture of it and show it to the class. Nora Raccoon is about to put up her hand to ask a question about the woodpeckers but she forgot what she was going to say.

The Sylvanians are having a superb day today.
Bye 'till the next post!

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