Friday, 28 October 2011

My Holiday Adventure

Hello! How are you? I was away on a little holiday! It was so much fun! I got to do a lot of things that I enjoyed very much. For instance, I did a lot of crafts! Here I am working on my magazine! This magazine set was a holiday gift from my Mom. It is a Hello Kitty magazine maker with tons of pages, a ribbon to hold the magazine together, glitter pens, a black felt-tip pen, a few stamps and an ink pad, and, of course, the magazine cover! Here I am using a tissue to clean off the stamp I just used.


Then I went ice-skating in one of my favourite malls. It was really fun! This is me before I tried skating properly. It was really slippery and I kept falling down. But in the end I managed to get the hang of it and it became easier. After awhile I could skate around and across the entire rink without falling.


I had an awesome breakfast every morning. Here I am finishing my big mug of hot chocolate! It tasted delicious. I love chocolate so of course, if you ask me, this is one of my favourite drinks! Besides hot chocolate, here's a list of what was on my plate before I gobbled them up:
 1) Papaya
2) Scrambled Eggs
3) Sausages
4) Bread and Butter
5) Ham
6) Mushrooms
Doesn't that sound tasty?

hot choc

I also went swimming every day! This is me in my goggles and swimsuit. When I wasn't swimming in the big pool, I would be in the baby pool playing with my little sister. One game she made up was called There's A Shark In The Pool

To play the game, somebody has to be the shark. When the shark is asleep, the other player(s) will be the mermaids and they will swim around the pool. But when the shark wakes up, all the mermaids must quickly swim out of the pool. Whoever the shark catches will be the next shark. It was really fun playings Sharks!


I also did a lot of shopping! This is me in another of my favourite malls. Here I am posing in a big space where people and kids can run around or relax on the benches. I like to run here and play Catch with my little sister.

I hope you've been having a super week too! See you soon!


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