Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Sylvanian Chronicles


Let's visit the Sylvanian nursery today! If you recall, it is upstairs of the classrooms. The three babies -- Molly Mouse's brother, Baby Mouse; Baby Badger, Edward Badger's brother; and Harland Sheepdog's brother, Baby Sheepdog -- are playing a game Baby Mouse made up. It's called Puppet/Doll Catching. Basically, the catcher will try to catch the other players' puppet or doll.

On the left is Mrs Siamese Cat and Baby Siamese Cat Ella. Matron is helping Mrs Siamese Cat to take care of Baby Ella. They like to chat about books and crafts, and whatever they might be watching on TV.

On the right is Lolly Cat practicing her very first piano concerto that she titled The Sylvanian World. Lolly has been trying to get the notes right for about two weeks and she is almost ready to perform it for all the other Sylvanians. Lolly still has four more notes to get right before she finishes her song The Sylvanian World!

Everyone in the Sylvanian nursery and the rest of the Sylvanian village is having an awesome time. See you super-soon!

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