Friday, 25 November 2011

Books, Books And More Books!


Hello again! Today I am going to share with you my love for reading! One of my favourite books is the Geronimo Stilton and Creepella Von Cacklefur series. I have talked about one of the books in this series in my earlier post.

I love reading because you can learn many interesting things. In the series of books Natural Disasters, for example, you can learn about disasters around the world, such as tornadoes, volcanoes, hurricanes etc. Or in The Usborne Detective's Handbook you learn how to be a good detective. Now I know how to question suspects, detect forged paintings and be more observant!

Sometimes I like to read fiction because even though they are not real, it is still fun to read about the adventures the characters in the book have. Rainbow Magic and the Just Grace series are good examples (I have also talked about these books in my older posts here and here).

Books can sometimes be an entertainment when you are waiting or bored. For example, you are going to get your ears pierced and one of the people working at the clinic tells you, "It is very crowded today, please sit down until the doctor calls you", and you just happen to be carrying your library book to return after you pierce your ears. So you can take out the book and reread it and by the time you are done, the doctor calls you in. You see how books can be a big help?

You can be a big help, too. If you have books you don't need or like anymore you can donate them to children from less fortunate families or countries who don't have enough money to buy their own books. But don't read too much or else you will have to wear glasses. And it is not good to wear glasses -- only sunglasses. OK?!? OK, I'm sure you know that, but still.

Competition Time!!!
Here is a picture of the big bookshelf that my Mom and I share. It is actually made up of several bookshelves and takes up a whole wall because it is quite huge. It is filled with the books that we read. The pictures in this post are just two small parts of it.


1. If you want to know more about books, you can comment on my blog and ask me. If you're lucky, your question and your name might come up in the next post with your answer!
2. If you know a fun fact about books or a fun fact that you learnt from reading a book, you can comment on my blog and tell me, and your fun fact and name might appear in my next post!

Don't forget to read lots like me (but not too much!) and get smarter!
Bye for now!

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