Friday, 18 November 2011

Go, Alice, Go!


Hi! Today I'm going to share with you a fictional story written by me! The story is called Go, Alice, Go!

Go, Alice, Go!

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Alice. Every day she went to school and studied hard. But she loved sports and gym best of all, even though she wasn't always the best. Then, before she knew it, it was Sports Day!
In Alice's class there was a mean girl named Bethany. Bethany was a big girl who often did well in sports. She was boastful, and liked to say unkind, hurtful things that made the other girls feel bad. No one really liked her, but they were afraid of her because she was big, so they let her bully them and say the mean things she did.

On Sports Day, Alice's class was ready for the race. Bethany was boasting as usual; she was very confident and she wanted to win the 1st prize -- a gold medal.

Alice was a kind girl; she didn't like the mean girl Bethany, but she didn't say anything mean about Bethany. Alice wanted to win the medal too. But Alice wondered, "How will I ever win the medal with Bethany here?" Bethany looked so big and strong.

At that moment, Bethany came by and hissed nastily in Alice's ear, "You'll never win. I'll get that medal and nobody touches it!"

"Oh no!" thought Alice. She started to feel afraid and lose all her confidence. But then she shook herself, and told herself that she must be brave and just do her best. She was not going to let a bully frighten her! She remembered what her mother had told her from the Bible -- to forget what lies behind and press on toward the goal.

The race started. Bethany ran ahead of Alice, but with a burst of energy, Alice caught up and called to her, "I know you want the medal, but I want it too and I'll win it!".

"No you won't!" Bethany yelled back angrily.

But Alice gathered up all her courage and said, "You don't need to be mean to get things, you know. You just need to try hard and do your best and don't be sad if you don't get what you want, but just try harder next time!"

"Go, Alice, go!" cheered Alice's friends. They were amazed that the little girl was running so fast.

And with that, Alice ran ahead of Bethany and won the gold medal!

Bethany came in second, but she was busy thinking about what Alice had said.

"Alice was right," Bethany said to herself, "I don't need to be mean. No wonder everyone doesn't like to be around me!". Bethany had learnt her leason!

Bethany turned to Alice with a nervous smile. "I'm sorry," she said. "Do you think, maybe... Well, could we be friends? Or maybe best friends?"

Alice chuckled and gave Bethany a hug. Alice replied, "Best friends it is. Forever!"

"Forever, and ever!" said Bethany happily. "I won't be mean again!"

The two girls laughed and walked away together, admiring each other's beautiful medals. And in the end, all of Alice's classmates loved being with Bethany, especially Alice!
The End

Competition Time!
To get a special mention in my blog, just leave a comment with the correct answer to any of the questions here!
 1. In the beginning, was Bethany a nice girl?
 2. Who won the medal? 
 3. Does Alice study hard and try her best?
 4. Did Alice like Bethany in the end?
 5. Did all of Alice's classmates like Bethany in the end?
 6. Was Bethany a mean girl anymore?


  1. Awesome story! And the answer is YES! Alice does study hard and try her best :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this story! You must have put a lot of thought into this! Keep on writing!
    My answer to the last question is that Bethany was not mean anymore!

    Pinkie pirate

  3. What a great story, you write very well! And the answer for question 5 is, yes, Alice liked Bethany in the end!


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