Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Sylvanian Monkey Family


Today I'm going to talk about my Sylvanian Monkey famliy! Standing at the back are Mr and Mrs Monkey. They are a very happy couple who love chit-chatting and doing things with other Sylvanians! Mr Monkey is thinking about how well dressed he is and that he picked just the right suit to wear for the photograph. He is a very neat monkey and is the best men's tailor in the village.

Mrs Monkey is quite excited to have her picture taken, but she is thinking more about the banana pies she is going to make for dinner tonight. All the Sylvanians love Mrs Monkey's fruit pies. On the left is Martha Monkey, Izzy Monkey's sister, and Melody Monkey's twin. Martha Monkey is wishing she could put her baby brother down because her arm is getting tired. Martha Monkey is a delightful little monkey who is about 5 years old. She loves all sorts of games, toys and sports. She does not like wearing skirts.

Marble Monkey the baby is about 3 months old and he loves milk, painting and biscuits.

Melody Monkey is trying to get everybody to stop moving and smile for the camera. She is a very girly monkey who loves dresses, fairy tales, and making paper flowers. She is a happy little monkey who just loves seeing other Sylvanians smile and having a happy time.

All the way on the right is Izzy Monkey. Izzy Monkey is a kind little monkey who is 4 years old. Izzy Monkey loves art, strawberry jam and playing catch! He does not like sitting still.

The Monkey Family is a very happy family!
See you at the next post!

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  1. Gracias por tu amable comentario en mi blog. A mi también me gusta mucho la familia Sylvanian, tienes una colección preciosa. He tardado unos días en poder hacerme seguidora de tu blog porque el botón de seguidores no funcionaba, pero por fín lo he conseguido. Un saludo, Núria


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