Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Sylvanian Chronicles

Hello there! Have you been wondering what happened next with my Sylvanians? Well, you remember that they had to come up with a plan to trap the intruder that Mrs Owl photographed right! After whispering a long time about it, they decided they needed to find a way to catch the thief when he or she came during the night. But how could they do that without being seen? It is not easy to hide from someone when you don't know where they're coming from!


The Sylvanians decided they needed the help of their friends the Fairies! Mr Owl flew to the Enchanted Forest to look for them and ask them if they could have a meeting. Of course the Fairies said yes, because they are very nice and also they think the Sylvanians are very cute.

On the day of the meeting, Mr Walnut Cat, Mr Reindeer, Mr Polar Bear and Mr Owl travelled to the Enchanted Forest. It is quite a dangerous journey because the Forest is far away. There is a lot of climbing and walking to do. Of course, Mr Owl has an easy time of it.

When they finally reached the forest, some of the Fairies were already there waiting. In the picture you can see Rhoslyn with her butterfly, Odile with her magic wand, Hatshepsut with her cat Femi, and Faye with Brucie her fox, who is really a magical sprite.

After the Sylvanians explained everything, the Fairies thought about how they could help the Sylvanians hide. At last, Hatshepsut snapped her fingers. "You need to become invisible! Let us make you invisible!" she said.

"Of course!" said Odile. "Shall I turn you into air now?"

"No no!" said Mr Polar Bear, waving his paws in a panic. "We still have to do our chores and help the children. It will not be good if we are invisible then!"

"Yes, that is true," said Odile. "You need something to make you invisible when you want to be invisible".

"But not permanently!" said Mr Walnut Cat with some alarm.

"No no, of course not," Odile said hastily. She hadn't actually thought of that.

"It is simple," Hatshepsut said. "Brucie knows where to dig for the Gurgling Ginger roots. I will make a potion with it, that you can take to become invisible. When you want to become visible again, you just drink some hot chocolate with marshmallows".

"Does it taste good?" Mr Reindeer asked doubtfully.

"It tastes wonderful!" Hatshepsut said. "But even if it doesn't, you don't have much choice do you?"

Everyone agreed that this was true. So Faye and Brucie hurried off in search of the roots.


On the way, they were almost eaten by the Fearsome Hound of the West Highlands, but Faye offered him some chew toys and he let them pass.

Soon, Brucie had dug up enough of the roots and they brought them back to Hatshepsut. The Sylvanians watched with great interest as she mashed up the roots and added some of her own potion from a little black bottle in her dress pocket. She also added three hairs from Femi's tail. Femi was used to this sort of thing so he didn't mind. Then she said some magic words, and the whole thing poofed up in bright blue swirls with golden sparkles.

Odile used her magic wand to make all the sparkling swirls into a ball, and then squeezed it like juice into a flower cup Rhoslyn had. Carefully, Rhoslyn made a cover for it with another flower, and then she handed it to the Sylvanians.

"Just three teaspoons each," Hatshepsut said. "You will remain invisible until you drink your hot chocolate. Good luck!"

The Sylvanians thanked the Fairies for their help, and gave them some pies they had made and two new blankets they had woven for their treehouses. Stay tuned to find out what happens next!!

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