Saturday, 17 March 2012

Behold, Underwater World!

Hi! Let me share with you another cool thing I got to do during this school holiday! Here are a few pictures of me and some of the wonderful creatures at Underwater World! It was fun. No, seriously, it was REALLY fun! Though I did feel bad for some of the animals who looked cramped up and unhappy. I am sure they prefer to be back out in the wild. I guess there are good and bad points about aquariums and zoos.

031012 171
These are the big sea turtles. They were at least 65cm long. And, cool fact, these were the biggest turtles I had ever seen! 

031012 172
This is the "touch pool". Here, you can put your hands in the pool and touch all the animals. The animals here included the bluespotted stingray, puffer fish (not the poisonous ones of course!!), archerfish (these spit out water to catch their insect prey), and sharks. This is me, touching a puffer fish. Isn't he cute!

031012 174
And this is me, reaching my hand in to touch the stingray. They feel soft, cool and smooth. I liked them a lot, and before we left I spent at least 20 minutes just touching the stingrays. There was one in particular who kept swimming up to me! Maybe he liked me :)

031012 176
TA-DA! The famous bluespotted stingray!

031012 180
This gigantic stingray is from the "raypool", where there are tons of huge stingrays. 

031012 184
These are the ever-so-cute garden eels! They slowly come out of the sand; sometimes, you can see just the top of their heads in the sand!

031012 188
WOAH! Look at this huge fish! I think it had back or spine problems. Perhaps it should get its spine treated or loosened. 

031012 193
Here I am, having my picture taken in front of the huge fish!

031012 208
Here is a school of fish. They look luminous, especially their glowing purple eyes. Aren't they pretty!

031012 213
Look at these big crabs! I never thought I would see them live in action (well, they were not really in action)! You can see these ones are almost bigger than my head. There was another one sitting behind in the dark who was much larger; he was a little creepy.

031012 220
Look at this seahorse! It looks like a piece of kelp, doesn’t it? It does that to camouflage.

These last few pictures are from inside the Underwater World aquarium tunnel. It is such a cool aquarium. You can walk through it or ride on the travelator, and the water and fish are all around you. I like this part of the tunnel because the statues and pillars look like some mysterious ancient city that sank underwater -- like Atlantis! 

031012 246

031012 250

031012 263
This picture really shows how old and mysterious the sea and its inhabitants are doesn't it! Do you know, many sea creatures go back millions of years! I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I will post up some little videos soon when I have time. See you again soon!

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