Thursday, 15 March 2012

March Holidays: Sylvanians!

It's the March school holidays! I've been a bit too busy having fun to write often, but I wanted to share these pictures with you! They're from the Sylvanian Families show!! Look - there's Chocolate Rabbit waving to you!

During the show, kids went up on stage to play games, answer questions, and win prizes! The prizes were only colour pencils though. There was singing and dancing too. Here is a picture of two kids playing "Scissors, Paper, Stone" with the Sylvanians. 

Time to answer questions! That little girl was only two years old and couldn't understand what the man was saying. In the end he gave her the colour pencils anyway.

Yippee! This is always my favourite part - taking pictures! Of course, I always let my little sister pick who she wants to stand with during Meet And Greets. Don't the Sylvanians look enormous!

I also won this in a lucky draw! It's a garden set. My sister has already used some of the things in her new front yard, like the bench and flowers. I love the little rabbit topiary; it's so cute!

See you soon! Happy holidays!

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