Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sylvanian Chronicles

Sylvanian front yard

Sylvanian front yard


Sylvanian front yard

Hi there! Today I am writing about my sister's Sylvanian house! Remember I told you her house is right at the end of our Sylvanian village? It is really right at the last part of our chest of drawers. She had about 5cm of space outside her house to play with her Sylvanians and so every other day she would be knocking someone over.

Well my Mom felt bad for the Sylvanians who kept hurting themselves falling so far. Also she was worried about our dog eating them and dying. So she decided to make my sister a front yard for her house! She made the yard out of a box. She made a fence for it too, so that my sister's Sylvanians can sit in the garden and chat and play and ride their bicycles without falling off a cliff.

The first two pictures show the new yard without anything in it. My Mom made it to fit on the drawers and stop just before our room door. You can see how it sticks out past the drawers right? My sister now has about 15cm extra space! There is a part of the yard that goes round the side of the house too.

The bottom pictures show everybody enjoying themselves in their new yard. I'm so jealous! No, just kidding! See you soon!

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