Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Little Friends!

Hello there! These are my mealworms Wiggle, Scriggle and Shake! I adopted them from school, where they had been part of a Science class. I am now keeping them in a container with lots of holes for air, and feeding them dried oats and mushy apples. Here is a little movie of my mealworms made by my Mom -- please enjoy!

And here are some pictures!

meal blog1 
Here is a picture of my worms in their container home.

meal blog2 
Here they are enjoying their oatmeal!

meal blog4 
This is Scriggle! He is luxuriating in his food.

meal blog3 
And here's Wiggle and Shake playing together.  See you again soon!


  1. How cool! We used to have science projects when I was in school, but I never got to bring home any pets! The worms are quite cute aren't they. I like your movie very much!

  2. Hi Rebecca, your little friends is so nice!
    I hope eat a lot and grow beautifully!

  3. What a fun blog you have, Rebecca! You've got really cute stories and fun posts. Thanks for finding and following my blog. Now I'm your newest follower. :-) xo Jennifer

  4. Tell your mom I enjoyed this little movie about mealworms. I remember when we used to feed them to our chameleon. I am glad Wiggle, Scriggle and Shake will be set free.
    -Elizabeth and Henny :)

  5. Nice. Did you create the film by snapping photos stacking them up


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