Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Hello everyone! How have you been? I'm sure you've been having lots of fun if it's your school holidays too. Let me share with you what we did on Day 2 of the holidays! See the big picture up there? Yup, we went to see the ballet Coppelia! As you might know, I study ballet, so I was really excited to be going.

Coppelia is a comic ballet in three acts. It is about an inventor named Dr Coppelius, who has made a life-sized dancing doll. It is so lifelike that everyone thinks she is real, including Franz, one of the lead dancers. He falls in love with her, and Dr Coppelius tries to take his spirit to magically bring Coppelia to life. He does this by giving Franz some wine which has a sleeping powder in it. But Franz's true love Swanhilde rescues him by dressing up as the doll and pretending to come to life instead. She wakes Franz up and winds up all Dr Coppelius' dolls to help them escape.

Here I am dancing outside the concert hall during the intermission. I took off my dress shoes!

Wheee! Dancing is fun! 

Here we are after the intermission, waiting for the third act to start.

After the performance, we walked around the Esplanade for a bit. Here we are looking at some camera thing that they set up for the Mosaic Music Festival. You can stand in front of it and have your picture taken. I'm not sure what that has to do with the festival.

Here we are in front of a huge work of art made up of a whole bunch of paper birds.

This is what it looks like!

Here I am outside of the Esplanade posing with a piano sculpture that looks like it was made up of Christmas tree lights.

 This is one half of the Esplanade at night.

And here we are just sitting and dreaming of our next adventure! See you again soon!


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time. You both look very pretty in your lovely dresses.

  2. Hi Rebecca! Your Mom's blog sent me here to check out your charming blog! It looks like you and your sister had fun. I was sad to hear about Scriggle and Shake, but what a lovely memorial you have. You are an awesome writer! Take care!


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