Friday, 2 December 2011

My Big Choir Performance


Hi! Today I will share with you my big choir performance. It was our choir's Advent Musical! Here I am in the middle of the sound check. We always have sound checks before service to test the sound equipment and practice a little. 

In our Advent musical we had to sing tons of hymns and carols. The story we were acting out was the birth of the baby Jesus! As you can see, I played the part of an angel. The angels announce the birth of baby Jesus to the shepherds. I had to wear a long white tunic, a halo on my head, and wings on my back! During the performances, we had to go barefoot.


Here I am again next to our church photographer. I was looking at the pictures he had taken of the choir, and I saw the ones with me in it! But the pictures in this post are from my Mom's camera. Here you can see a bit of my wings. The halo looks like it's sort of floating above my head, doesn't it? It used to be on a white hairband, but my Mom painted everyone's hairband black so it would blend in nicely with our hair.


Here I am shown posing for Mom's camera. I am kneeling next to the three prop sheep. Did you know the sheep are made of toilet paper with googly eyes?
I had a great time even though it was quite exhausting!
Bye till the next post!

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  1. ooh u look sooo angelic next to the 3 little sheep but then of cos u wud look angelic cos u're an angel right? i think the little sheep in the middle needs glasses, probably spent too much time too near TV. umm .. of cos i don't know whether sheep watch TV or not. i do enjoy yr blog very much and u write soo well! look fwd to next one o{:-)


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