Wednesday, 7 December 2011

For God Is Good

Hello! My December holidays has started! This is a little video of our choir doing our sound check. Today I also wanted to share with you a song I wrote myself! I like to sing to God -- you can sing it too!

For God Is Good
Verse 1
I know everday, God is with me
He follows me everywhere, keeping me on the right path
As you sing this song, God is listening
Just believe in Him
Whatever you say, you can't stop Him from hearing

For I know God is with me, He'll never leave
Just have faith, follow Him and believe
Keep praising, don't ever stop

Verse 2
And you can tell your friends He's watching you and me
He's still watching, you and your family
It says in the Bible, John 3:16, to believe, yes believe!

Verse 3
Raise both hands and praise Him
The one and only God above
He hears your prayers and answers them
He died for our sins on the cross

Here we end, still praising God
Just remember our God above!

You can sing this song to any tune you want or even add your own lyrics!
Bye for now!

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